8 Cool DIY Rakhi Gifts Online to Celebrate Raksha Bandhan

The rakhi festival glorifies the eternal love and bond of the siblings. It is observed on the Purnima or full-moon day in the month of Shravan in the Hindu calendar. So, use this wonderful time to cherish your dearest sibling and show your care for them with thoughtful rakhi gifts.

This occasion is celebrated across India in various cultures. As a mark of love, the sister will tie the rakhi on her brother’s wrist.

To show your efforts, and affection, you can try the fantastic DIY thing that will easily take their heart away. Refer below to know some mind-blowing and cool DIY gifts for Raksha Bandhan.


Is your sibling a bookworm? If yes, then amaze them with the excellent bookmarks at the celebration. It can be easily made by anyone without putting in more effort.

First, take a cardboard and cut a vertical rectangle from this one. Punch a hole in the top of the rectangle’s center place. Then stick white or colored chart paper on the cardboard.

Decorate it with attractive stickers, write a quote or draw something according to your desire. Now tie a ribbon on the hole and make a few bookmarks in this same way to delight them in a great way. 

2. Dream Catcher 

Bring more peace and good luck to your sibling’s life by giving the breathtaking dream catcher. You can make it at home by using wool and rope.

First, gather all the materials, wrap the hoop well, weave the web, and finally decorate it well. You can use accessories such as feathers, ribbons, brads, and more.

Create it with your creativity to enlighten the celebration. If you don’t know it perfectly then buy it from the portal and send rakhi online along with the dream catcher to astonish them instantly. 

3. Mason Jar 

Your sibling is your well-wisher, best friend, and supporter who always stands with you in any circumstance. But you may find it difficult to express your love and care for her immensely.

So, you can do that easily with the mason jar of emotions at the celebration. First, take a mason jar which is readily available at the shops.

Write all your feelings through words on chart paper, cut down the messages, and roll them into notes. Then fill the jar with notes and their favorite candies and pack it wonderfully to leave them speechless. 

4. Terrarium Plants 

For your sibling born with a green thumb, nothing can make them happier than receiving the enchanting potted beauties. You can buy a glass, a vase, colorful pebbles, and colored 犀利士
sea salt.

Now decorate the pot with sea salt, plants, colorful stones, and impressive stuff. Then keep them in tough plants such as jade plants, snake plants, or any other succulents.

Among the other Rakhi Gifts ideas online, they can easily brighten up their face. If it is a hanging vase, then tie the rope at the top. 

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5. Scented Candles 

Entice your sibling with the mind-blowing scented candles. It will bring them an ambient atmosphere and peaceful sleep.

Keeping them in their room will lighten up the living space and soothe their mind with the refreshing fragrance. You can make it easily by melting wax in a pan with medium flame and adding aroma oil or flower petals to the vax.

Then pour it into a candle stand and attach the wick to its top. Wait until the wax solidly and wick get set, and you can cut the thread if it is very long. 

6. Customized Photo Frame 

The personalized photo frame is one of the unique Rakhi Gifts ideas that can easily surprise your sibling, For sure; you both had created lots of memories in childhood.

Give them a chance to relive those incredible moments again with the excellent photo frame. Take cardboard, draw a rectangle; draw another one with less height inside. Cut the shape neat and perfectly and hollow out the inner rectangle.

Then decorate the outer rectangle edges and one more rectangle of the same size to cover the backside. Now paste a remarkable photograph inside the frame and fix a stand at the back. 

7. Handmade Cards 

Greetings cards are an impressive way to convey your warm greetings to your sibling. You can use the colorful chart paper and put your creative thoughts on it to make a card.

Write your hearty wishes and words on the card and present them to them at the celebration. It can shower your undying emotions on them immensely. You can even buy raksha bandhan gifts online to save your time. 

8. Body Butter 

Heighten your sibling’s personality with excellent body butter. You can make it by putting half a cup of Shea butter and light oil in a pan to boil. Store the mixture till everything melts and is combined, and let it cool down.

Now add a few drops of essential oil and move to the fridge. When the butter starts to garden on the edges but is still soft, take it out to a bowl, whip it and transfer it to a bowl. 


The list of DIY rakhi gifts is endless but the above ideas can be done easily without more stress. All these amazing presents can make your sibling feel the warmth of your love and fondness. You can also purchase the best handmade and rakhi with pooja thali combo from a reliable shop. 

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