Narrative Essay writing Examples and Key Elements

You narrate a story in a narrative essay, frequently about a personal event, but you also make a point.

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You narrate a story in a narrative essay, frequently about a personal event, but you also make a point. So, the goal is not simply to entertain but also to expound on the event’s significance. See if you can find the moral or subject in the narrative essay writing examples below. When it comes time to write a similar essay, you may pique the reader’s interest. Writing services like BookMyEssay help me write my assignment and do my homework for me.

The Power of Narrative Essays from Personal Experience

The narrative genre of writing originated in ancient Greek and Roman epic poetry. It became a standard form of Greek and medieval Latin literature and 19th-century Romantic and naturalist literature. In the 20th century, the narrative genre expanded to include short stories, novels, and plays. Any storytelling can fall under the narrative genre. This is because narratives involve events with a beginning and end. A strong theme connects all of the events in the story.

A narrative essay begins with a clear goal, a topic, and an organized structure. The topic should be interesting and unique enough to stand out from other works in the genre. Furthermore, your topic should express your thoughts and feelings about something that has happened to you personally or with which you’re familiar. For example, Donald Trump’s first book of narrative essays featured a series of autobiographical accounts about his life as a real-estate developer and politician. These included tales about him building homes for the poor and running for office to obtain better office equipment for his staff. Essentially, you can craft a powerful narrative essay by reliving past events through the filter of personal experience.

A Great Beginning Point for Writing

Next, you must plan the body paragraphs in your essay. A well-organized body paragraph builds your central argument while highlighting key facts and supporting details. To do this, you need to plan your ideas before you start writing- this will help you achieve cohesion in your thoughts and emotions as you write. To plan your ideas, you should start by identifying keywords and phrases from your topic that give insight into your thoughts on the subject. From here, choose relevant events from your life that will help explain your thoughts on the subject. For example, suppose one of Donald Trump’s narratives focused on building affordable housing for low-income families. In that case, he could use these past experiences to explain why he believes this is essential work.

After you’ve outlined your ideas, it’s time to create a compelling opening line that captures readers’ attention and piques their interest in what you’re about to say. Some good starting points include: ‘A long time ago…’, ‘On a cold winter’s night…’, ‘Once upon a time…’, or ‘In a faraway land…’. Next, choose an intriguing body paragraph that summarizes the events or experiences that shaped your topic while explaining why they’re necessary to tell in your essay. You can do this by comparing similar situations or events in your life and famous works such as Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness or Edgar Allan Poe’s The Cask of Amontillado. By adding these elements to your thoughts about building affordable housing for low-income families, Donald Trump could outline his experience working at construction sites to explain how he overcame financial hardship.

A Narrative of Social and Economic Change

A well-written narrative offers a complete picture of an event or series of events that have shaped a particular person’s life or understanding of something important to him. As such, narratives are an effective form of writing because they help readers understand complex topics through the lens of firsthand experience. Strong opening lines hook readers’ attention immediately while well-planned ideas connect related thoughts into an overall narrative structure. Since narratives often tackle profound issues such as racism or drug abuse, they offer compelling insights that help readers understand aspects of the society they live with daily.

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