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Pregnancy and COVID-19 Coronavirus

When you are pregnant amid this ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, it is quite natural for you to think about pregnancy and COVID-19 coronavirus. Though you are up-to-date about the news of COVID-19 coronavirus, you may be confused about pregnancy and COVID-19 coronavirus. If you think that you have any symptoms of COVID-19 coronavirus, inform your midwife or maternity team for help. Continue reading the article below to know more about pregnancy during coronavirus.

Risk Factors during Pregnancy and COVID-19 Coronavirus

The good news is that despite having some risk factors during pregnancy and COVID-19 coronavirus, your chance of getting affected by COVID-19 coronavirus is not as higher as the other persons if you are pregnant and that you will be seriously sick with COVID-19 coronavirus is very rare and uncommon. Women who are pregnant like you are at moderate risk or belong to the vulnerable group of being affected by COVID-19 coronavirus because of their tendency of being affected by the viruses related to influenza. If you get affected with COVID-19 coronavirus, most probably you will not become seriously ill.

But the serious illness might be seen in you during the later weeks of your pregnancy. In this case, your doctor will not advise you to give birth earlier than your due date, however. Although there is no possibility of stillbirth because of this illness, evidences show that you may have stillbirth if you have COVID-19 at the time of giving birth to your baby. When you are twenty-eight weeks pregnant in your third trimester, you are at more risk of getting COVID-9 than the other times. If you are from an ethnic minority group, you are at more risk of being affected during your pregnancy, according to the evidence. If you are affected by COVID-19, the baby growing up in your womb will possibly get affected, though babies got better when this happened.

COVID-19 Vaccines in Pregnancy

If you are pregnant and aged over eighteen, you can get vaccinated against COVID-19 coronavirus for the protection of you, your baby, and your healthy pregnancy. While dealing with pregnancy and COVID-19 coronavirus as a pregnant, you are suggested to have Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna vaccine because they are internationally recognized for being widely used among pregnant women without having any reports of safety concerns.

What to Do with Symptoms of COVID-19 in Pregnancy

If you notice symptoms of COVID-19 coronavirus in you, like a high temperature, a new type of continuous cough, and a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste or both of them, as the first step, you will need to stay at home, that is called self-isolation. Do not leave home or have visitors. Those who have been in close contact with you since two days of your symptoms started should also self-isolate themselves as you did. What you and anyone living with you having symptoms should do as the second step against COVID-19 is to book a PCR test. PCR test is the test that is sent to the lab to check whether you are affected by COVID-19 coronavirus or not. Get the test as early as you can. What else you with symptoms should do as the second step against COVID-19 coronavirus is to talk with your midwife or maternity team to get proper advice. If they suggest, you may need to rebook your pregnancy appointments, in most cases, online telephonic video consultations are safer to cope with pregnancy especially for madre surrogate ( surrogate mothers)..

Pregnancy during coronavirus is now a concern among pregnant women despite having lower to moderate risks. COVID-19 coronavirus does not usually affect pregnant women and babies, but a few changes discussed above should be kept under consideration.

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