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Affordable web design in Vancouver – Everything you need to know about Web Design

Affordable web design in Vancouver – Everything you need to know about Web Design

Maybe if you are here reading this, you are looking for a web designer or affordable web design in Vancouver maybe you want to create your own web page. Either of the two situations to which you belong are valid to continue reading this page. In this post, we are going to explain the requirements to create a professional website. Creating a professional website is not about designing a site that houses the content we need and that’s it. It is a process that requires a somewhat broader approach. The most important aspects to take into account would be the following:

What type of business is it?

The first aspect to take into account is the sector of our business. What needs will our project require of us? The most typical cases that we come across in Get Your Web would be:

Corporate website

In this case, the most logical option would be to look for a content manager that will save you time. We use CMS for creating an affordable web design in Vancouver. CSM are easy to modify and have a great community behind them. They have tools, templates, and other functions already designed for these platforms and are well-proven. They have enough power to create a corporate website and other varied purposes.

A web application 

If you need specific software that performs specific functions to carry out business needs, you must carry out an affordable web design and development in Vancouver from scratch that adapts to your needs.

Some of the programming languages that you are sure to use in these cases could be HTML, CSS, PHP, JAVASCRIPT, NODE JS, SQL.

It is the most expensive web solution due to the number of hours that must be dedicated to carry out a development of these characteristics, but it is also the most customizable. In this option, the only limit is your money to pay for the development of the application.

Personal web

A personal website must be accompanied by a blog, in which you can explain who you are, what your services are and how you can help your readers. In this type of webs, the creation of a blog is vital.

In the blog, you can generate content that helps users who came to your blog in search of a solution to their problem. Having a website + a blog would be the solution. In addition, the most accurate for this situation would be to create a website with WordPress. This option would be the most complete and most widely used in the entire planet for this purpose. 

E-Commerce Solution 

If you want to sell products online, whether they are physical products, courses or services, an online store would be the most appropriate option. For this, there are many online store systems, although we highlight those that for us are the most versatile. If you can’t develop by yourself then we can provide you with the service of affordable web design in Vancouver. Some of the online store systems we use to develop online stores are|:

WooCommerce: It is a plugin for the WordPress environment, it is free and also the most used online store plugin by WordPress users, in fact, the WordPress + WooCommerce solution for online stores is in the top 5 of the most used in Spain E-Commerce.

Although it is free, it also has functionalities that at a point we could have to implement, these “extras” are not excessively expensive and they are also very useful. One of them could be the POS (Payment Gateway) to be able to charge your customers with a credit/debit card.

Although if we prefer we can implement the PayPal payment gateway for free.

Prestashop: It is an online store CMS, in fact this software is exclusive to create online stores. If configured to the maximum it can be more powerful than a WooCommerce. As disadvantages compared to WooCommerce, we could say that it is less flexible in terms of design and that its extra features are more expensive than WooCommerce.


Once we are clear about the objective of the web and with what technology we want to create it, it is time to start building the website. When designing a website, we must have a defined structure that will accompany us on all the pages of the site, in this way we achieve homogeneity, which is good for web usability and corporate image.

Within each page, you must structure it by sections. For this, you must take into account your corporate identity, colors, logo. A menu that facilitates navigation between the different sections of the web. Of course the content. And generally, a footer in which you can include what you consider appropriate, although a common factor in 90% of the websites is the section for legal information.


You must offer your services through texts, which is why this content must be relevant and will be written in a clean and orderly way. You must avoid duplications, it should also be clear what your services are and what prices they entail or at least create a simple route to get to the budget form. The user enters your website with an objective that is none other than to solve their problem or query, it is up to you how easy it is to put it on your website.

The most important content should go with its corresponding HTML tags (h1, h2, h3 …) These types of details are what leads to a good SEO while facilitating the user to identify the key parts of the text.

It should be noted that the content you offer must be ordered by theme, that is if you offer web positioning services and online store creation services. There should be within the same website, a page for SEO and another for E-Commerce.


Security is an aspect that we often take for granted when creating a website, you tend to think that the web is finished and does not require any security adjustments. That is fine as long as we are not attacked or infected by any malicious software. It happens more often than you might expect.

To be attacked on a WordPress web page, simply install an infected plugin from an unofficial directory or simply not carry out periodic updates, which carry the security patches corresponding to the version of WordPress or the CMS that we have.

If you have a website made with WordPress, there are security plugins, which are responsible for making Backups. We would also need: anti brute force plugin, hide the URL from the administrator panel, install an SSL certificate.

We can take care of all these security settings and other functions with the web maintenance service.

SEO optimization

Optimizing a website in SEO is not the same as SEO positioning. So what is the difference?

The SEO is basically making no mistakes that could penalize us in search engines, this optimization does not seek to appear on page 1 of Google, but if you avoid not appear in any search results.

For a correct optimization, a set of good practices is advisable:

It controls the structure of titles h1, h2, h3 … It should be said that the only mandatory title on a page is h1 and also there should only 1 of this type. Of the other types, there may or may not be, and there may also be several h2, several h3.

Avoid copying content from other websites, that is, ctrl + c on a foreign website and then ctrl + v on your website is not valid.

Watch out for 404 errors, if a page you had before doesn’t exist, delete it or if necessary redirect it with the .htacces file.  


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