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How to Setup Amazing OpenCart Web Stores from Scratch?

Nowadays, e-commerce is the fastest developing sector, as we have seen in the most challenging crisis that is COVID-19. It is very difficult to adapt to sudden changes. But the COVID-19 crisis has completely changed the way customers shop and accelerated the shifting of traditional marketing to online stores.

Why do we need to go online?

You can start your business anywhere with different prospects of business but there is one thing in common that is the target audience.

You need to build brand awareness and a strong presence in the digital world. As per market analysis, after the COVID-19 crisis, the online business has developed its margin scale.

Every day, there is a new count of people who join the online market. The offline market is not as effective as earlier as many people shifted to online marketing i.e they need to buy T-shirts then customers will open mobile phones for purchasing them.  It takes a moment for an online customer to decide where to go; what to choose and how can apply with the help of online profiles on the Internet.

There are several reasons to go online for any business-

Get discovered in the crowd

95% of customers search online for local products and services and if your online profile is very strong then people start to explore your business.

Build brand awareness

After having your website you can spread awareness. Brand awareness is the extent to which your business is recognized amongst the potential customer. Also, provide updates to customers on why you are the top and best choice.

Open to have feedback

An online platform is the best way to get feedback and reviews from your existing and good customers that will help to boost your sales and establish trust with newcomers. Your company’s review will be displayed as a great method of establish credibility and attract new clients.

24*7 available to the target audience

Different customers have different psychology to performing a certain task as few would prefer in the morning, few will go in the evening. The Internet allows customers to buy as per their availability and comfort.

Build trust with Google

Google analyzes your website for providing the ranking to it and displays it to the audience.

Ready to get compare

Your strong online profile with good reviews takes you ahead of your competitors. Your top listed products will make the target audience visit your website end up with the conversion of the product.

Build conversion list

Marketing experts will help you to establish a strong online profile that will help you to convert a regular visitor into a loyal customer.

Exchange and fetch data

OpenCart API document helps to communicate with applications for exchanging the data among each other

Why should you use OpenCart over other eCommerce platforms?

When it comes to running a business online, entrepreneurs don’t want to be weighed down by technology; they want a platform that is simple to use and has a short learning curve, which OpenCart provides.

How can I build an incredible store with OpenCart?

Nowadays, we all are doing everything either from mobile or computers. Creating an e-commerce website is the most efficient method. One of the top open-source e-commerce platforms on the entire internet to create and manage an online business is OpenCart. It was released by Daniel Kerr in November 2005, structured by PHP programming language in the MYSQL database, and mainly used for designing online businesses. With a lot of effort, developers make it a stable and reliable platform for online stores.

  • Free to download and install
  • Interactive user-friendly admin panel interface
  • Support of multi-language
  • Sales reporting
  • Variety of themes
  • Multi-store management

Should I hire an agency that offers OpenCart service?

Market experience that mainly OpenCart agencies have and also there as well as a comprehensive portfolio of other digital solutions, ensures that you receive the best services for your business.

E-Commerce agencies provide the following OpenCart services

  • Development of the OpenCart website
  • OpenCart theme development and customization.
  • OpenCart SEO services
  • Easy integration of third party apps
  • OpenCart migration support
  • Maintenance and support

Agencies provides outstanding OpenCart services to businesses all around the world. They also incorporate the most recent trends and innovations into each project they offer instead of only following best practices in e-commerce.

Agencies have a team of skilled OpenCart developers with rich experience in building stable websites for businesses of all sizes.

OpenCart web projects are developed by agencies has benefited many businesses that are mentioned below:

Agencies are helping many online businesses so that they can reach their potential, whether it’s through e-commerce store design, site migration, enhance the existing functionality, or reliable maintenance and support.

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