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How to Find the Perfect Scalp Micropigmentation Cost in Palm Desert

People have had a lot of questions ever since the popularity of SMP started rising. Where can one find the best place for this treatment? Is it safe for me, or how can I find out about this? And finally, what’s the cost of scalp micropigmentation?

These questions need experts’ answers to know what you’re getting yourself into. But since you’re also seeking answers, we’ll appraise you with everything you need to know about scalp micropigmentation. 

What is SMP?

Scalp micropigmentation is an advanced cosmetic hair treatment that uses micro-needles that insert pigments into a person’s hair follicles. And it creates a naturally clean, shaved effect. 

About 40 percent of men will experience mild to extensive hair loss by age 50. Many have found this “scalp tattoo” an effective solution for hair loss results, giving a long-term fix to those with balding problems.

Why Does Scalp Micropigmentation Cost Differ?

To understand Scalp Micropigmentation cost, you must know the SMP procedure. First, the practitioner will determine the suitable pigment shade for each patient and their desired hairline.

Then he will start implanting pigments of about 1250 by hand in each follicle. After this procedure, the patient may experience skin irritation, and scabs may form. But they do fall off after four days revealing a light pigment layer. 

After one to two weeks, the patient can come for their next treatment session where the practitioner uses a darker pigmentation. And this is where a person gets his desired color and can alter anything they wish to at this phase. After the process takes around 3-5 hours, this results in an increased density and darker shade of a clean, freshly shaved head.  

While Micropigmentation costs vary in many reputable clinics, most of their charges are between $1,800 to $3,200. Several factors determine the precise price for each customer, such as:  

Client’s Skin Type

Though most clients have “normal” skin types, some require unique ones, which can be time-consuming, and attracts more cost. 

Lighter skin: Clients with this skin type need a standard SMP procedure. But the practitioner may also use a specialized technique for best results.

Dry or Flaky: These skin types that fall in this category include susceptible skin, severe acne, or damaged skin.

Very Thick Skin: Since thicker skin requires more time to penetrate the needles than thinner skin, the procedure will be time-consuming. And this will affect the overall cost of SMP.


Clients with a linear scar can also get scalp pigmentation treatment, giving an impression of dense hair. However, this may affect the process and duration of the SMP procedure, hiking the cost of scalp micropigmentation.

A practitioner will focus more on pronounced scars before performing the SMP procedure. So, if a patient has this type of scar, he will pay for more than one without. Camouflaging the scar with ink can be a pretreatment, followed by the actual procedure. At the end of this process, you can’t tell if a person has a scar, as it gives a more natural-looking appearance. 

Hair Density and Style

As every person’s hair varies, the doctor will first consider the current density of the patient’s natural hair.   Suppose the natural hair distribution is incomplete, and the patient is unhappy with it. In that case, the doctor might suggest making it fuller, increasing density, and using the SMP procedure. Clients can also request their preferred style, which may affect the Scalp Micropigmentation cost.

How to find an affordable Scalp Micropigmentation Cost in Palm Desert?

Surgical hair treatments such as hair transplants can be pricier than non-surgical procedures such as SMP. This technique creates an illusion of naturally thicker hair evenly distributed. And it’s more advantageous as it doesn’t require any existing hair to work. 

As each hair loss condition differs, a client can only get a rough estimate of the actual cost. Otherwise, you can get the correct pricing from a qualified provider. 

So, is it possible to find a cheaper cost of scalp micropigmentation in Palm Desert?

It’s always best to work with the best SMP artists with experience, qualifications, and skills to give you the best results unless you’re looking for a less-trained practitioner, which is risky.

The best SMP artist or most reputable clinics have bespoke pricing. Sometimes, cheap can be expensive, based on the outcome. When you get flexible payments, you won’t feel the strain of the total cost. But if your budget is tight, then you can try to find a facility that offers payment plans. 

In Conclusion

Scalp micropigmentation cost is influenced by many factors, including an individual’s taste and preference. Whether you have had a follicular unit transplant and are willing to conceal the linear scar, or looking for a clean-shaven, evenly distributed thick hair cover, an SMP technique can be an ideal treatment option. Be cautious about cheap SMP deals, as this may involve unqualified practitioners. Working with an experienced practitioner is worth it, even if the charges are high.

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