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5 Building Blocks that make Content Marketing Strategy a SUCCESS

Nowadays, companies find content marketing the most effective way to attract & maintain the targeted audience.

By reading merely the first line, each one of us has grown curious to know about the advantages of content marketing:

If you want to know the advantages of content marketing, then today’s article is definitely for you. Here the content professionals of Kinex Media have discussed the building blocks of the content creation strategy, which forms the base of all the advantages we derive from the Content marketing strategy.

Building Blocks of Content Marketing Strategy

Did you know? 

Nowadays, marketers are producing more content than ever. As per the Content Marketing Institute findings, “77% and 70% of the B2C & B2B organizations respectively are generating more content than they ever did.”


Sadly, only 37% and 32% of the B2C and B2B businesses, respectively, do have a defined marketing plan. Others are ignorant about ‘What a Content Marketing Strategy includes?’

Don’t worry if you are among them, as you will gain the required knowledge by the end of the blog.

BB1: Why Are You Writing Content? 

Before everything, you must focus on your goals of writing content. Once you know what exactly is triggering you to have well-framed, relevant and knowledgeable content on your website, the next task appears to think about the following:

  • Which professionals should you have in your content marketing team?
  • Which goals do you want to accomplish with the content marketing strategy?

Use it or lose it!

  • Do not miss this initial stage of the content marketing strategy.
  • Consider how your content will become a great contributor to an effective marketing strategy.
  • Check yourself if you will target the right points in your content writing.

BB2: Not everybody is your Target Audience

Those content marketing strategists have failed in the long run who says, “Everybody is my audience.”

Why Should You Specify Your Target Audience? 

If you won’t, how would you know:

  • What material should you create?
  • Where to post it?
  • Where to market it?

By having a specified audience, we can know:

  • What will our readers like to read?
  • What will trigger them to click on the Call-To-Action?
  • How to specify the targeted audience?

Here is a 3 step procedure that will help you to know how to find your target audience: 

STEP 1: You must have Demographic Profiles: 

If you are targeting the individuals, then you must categorize them in the following:

  • Marital Status
  • Educational Level
  • Family Size
  • Career
  • Income Level
  • Religion
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Age

In contrast, if you are targeting the companies, then you must categorize them based on the following:

  • Company Size
  • Yearly Income of the Company
  • What does it produce?
  • Total Number of Branches & Workers, the company is having
  • Type of the Industry


STEP 2: Creation of the Buyer Personas

Buyer Personas refer to ‘Finding Out The Buying Attitude Of Your Buyers“. Here you can include the following things:

  • Requirements of the Audience
  • What could be their objective to buy the XYZ thing?
  • What difficulties are they facing? (For example: If you are targeting Face-Wash Using Customers, then you must know the challenges which they can face)

STEP 3: Where do they hang out the most? 

Once you have all the required data as mentioned above, the next question whose answer you should find is – ‘Which social media platform do your targeted audience like to hang out the most?’

BB3: Link Building 

If you have a great backlink profile, it will benefit your content marketing strategy.

Did you know? 

Google Appreciates the Backlink Profiles the most. 

Guest Posts 

Here lies the importance of the Guest Posts, which help you to gain permission to link your content to credible sources.

The websites you see on the top of the S.E.R.P. have worked considerably harder to build an efficient Backlink profile.

BB4: Lead Generation 

Intelligent content marketers closely monitor the lead generation process and results while putting content marketing strategy on the Road-To-Achieve Sales.

This particular practice produces valuable results, making your target audience feel extraordinary.

The Benefit Of Keeping Lead Generation In Mind 

If you apply the content marketing tools by keeping the ‘Lead-Generation’ Aspect in mind, your content will benefit you more than ‘Just An Engaging Content.’

BB5: SEO Friendly Material 

Another essential building block for your content marketing strategy is to frame SEO-friendly content. By SEO social content, we mean the piece of writing, which is:

  • Relevant
  • Plagiarism-Free
  • Unique
  • Keyword Enriched

Use it Or Lose It 

If you want your content to extend so that Google’s algorithm gets convinced to draw its attention, you must avoid using the Black Hat SEO techniques like publishing a – Keyword Stuffed, Beating About the Bush and Short Content.

BB6: Create A Calendar 

Content marketing plans need a solid editorial calendar as well. Most content marketers struggle to maintain a consistent content schedule, whether quality or quantity.

Many Case studies have been conducted to find out the importance of the consistency of the content. It is essential for acquiring long-term results.

The Most Efficient Strategy That We Have Come Through

  • We posted short content ranging from 200 to 400 words daily to consistency.
  • Apart from that, we also started posting content worth 600 words per month.

We were surprised to see the results of this strategy. We experienced an increase of about 50.8% in organic traffic.

Please do not get me specific here. There are several other benefits of implementing the content calendar:

  • Your Content Needs To Be Organised:

Having a content publishing schedule beforehand allows you to experiment with different content types.

  • To Keep The Content Writers To A Deadline: 

Everything planned will make your content writers aware of delivering the work before the deadline.

  • Keep Your Content Aligned With Your Goals:

When you consider a big picture view of the entire month or quarter, you’ll be able to make sure that all the content aligns with your goals, all of the audience personas, specific campaigns, and product releases.

It might be necessary to upgrade from a simple Excel sheet to elaborate.

Final Comments! 

So, do you want to become an appreciated content marketing strategist? You can indeed become the one by incorporating all the above-mentioned ‘Building Blocks’ in your content developing strategy.

If you want us to put forth more exciting articles regarding content marketing in front of you, then please let us know.

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