How to Convert OLM files to PDF for Print Documents?

When it comes to exchanging information, PDF is the recommended file type. You may now save your emails as PDF files by converting them from an Outlook for Mac .OLM file. You may then password-protect these PDF files to keep your important data safe and share them with whoever you choose. In this blog, we explain you how to convert olm files to pdf.

Outlook for Mac (OLM) is a data file used to back up Outlook emails and other mailbox contents on a Mac computer. Users may export OLM files from Outlook for Mac 2011, 2016, or 2019 and then move them to another Mac to read the emails. This enables users to move their emails with perfect integrity from one Outlook profile to another.

An OLM to PST converter program may also be used to convert the OLM file to PDF format. When you need to exchange a few emails with someone, PDF format is preferred.

Why do users convert OLM files to PDF format?

As we all know the benefits of the PDF file. It is the best file format that easily opens and views on any device. Every Forensics Investigator prefers to choose PDF format as legal evidence. The Court also gives importance to PDF file format. User can easily protect their important data by password.

It’s a file format that can be transmitted and accessed from any device, including a laptop, PC, smartphone, tablet, and so on. You may also password-protect a PDF file to prevent unwanted access to your private emails during and after a file transfer. In addition, all hyperlinks, text, pictures, and formatting are stored in PDF format.

Pro solution to convert OLM to PDF

Converting OLM files to PDF documents is now as simple as clicking a few buttons. There are various options for both online and offline solutions. The security and change of data are, nevertheless, a drawback of the online OLM to PDF converter. Users who attempted an online solution and lost their data have contacted us. Download¬†Syskare OLM converter¬†if you want 100 percent accurate results with all information preserved. It’s a professional solution for batch Outlook for Mac file conversion to PDF with attachments.

The program may be used without being connected to the internet. As a result, there is no risk of data loss.

We’d like to provide you with information about the software’s demo version. The OLM to PDF converter program is available for download as a free trial. It is compatible with all Windows operating systems and servers. You can only convert the first 25 OLM emails to PDF format after you start it. This is where the restriction comes to an end. To get around this, you’ll need to upgrade to the tool’s Pro version, which allows you to work without restrictions.

Steps to convert OLM to Adobe PDF

  1. Select manually, choose the Select file or folder option, and check the Extract mode for corrupted files.
  2. Select the OLM folder which you want to convert into PDF.
  3. Choose PDF from multiple file option and choose destination path where you saved resulted in PDF file.
  4. Click on the convert button to begin the procedure.

Some of the Solution’s Best Qualities

  1. Outlook for Mac is comprehensive and handy. Email to PDF Document
  2. It has the ability to convert OLM to PDF in mass.
  3. Keep Attachments in Place during Conversion
  4. It allows you to read Mac Outlook emails using Adobe Reader.
  5. Support for OLM files from Outlook editions that are currently available.
  6. With this software, you can convert OLM files to CSV format to save all contacts in one place.

Let’s go on to the step-by-step steps for converting a large number of OLM files to PDF format with attachments.

The OLM to PDF Converter Application’s Key Features

The above-mentioned solution has a number of unrivaled characteristics. The following are a few of them:

  1. Convert Outlook for Mac emails to PDF documents, including attachments, in a secure manner.
  2. It offers a simple Single Panel Interface that anybody may use to convert OLM to PDF.
  3. The tool keeps the Outlook Mac mailbox structure and hierarchy intact throughout the procedure.
  4. It has no disadvantages in terms of use, installation, bulk conversion, and a variety of other factors.
  5. With the Pro version, huge Outlook for Mac files may be converted to PDF without any restrictions.
  6. Additionally, the email’s features and content are preserved throughout the process.


Read the above tutorial if you’re new to OLM files or wish to convert an OLM to a PDF document. It provides detailed instructions on converting OLM to PDF. The procedure is short and easy to follow. For a better understanding, you may also look at the images. We hope you find the information in this guide to be helpful.

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