TPLink Archer AX11000 Router Not Working! How Do I Solve it?

The TPlink Archer AX11000 Router has eight external antennas for the increase and balances the internet coverage and signals. The control method of the device is app or voice. The app shows all the settings, features, signals strength, and connections as well. You can allow or block any user or connective device through the TPlink mobile app. It is working with the tri-band technology and the Tri-band is the frequency class of this device. Amazon is the operating system of this device. You can access this device through the TPlink remote, the remote is given with the TPlink wireless router. It also supports the 2.4GHz and 5GHz radio frequencies as well. 

It helps to reduce the latency and traffic of interference networks. The tp-link archer ax11000 setup is a very simple process with the aid of the TPlink app. The connectivity type of the device is wifi or Bluetooth. Archer is the series of this TPlink wireless smart router. 

Elementary TPlink Archer AX11000 Router Features 

There are various incredible features of the wireless smart wifi 6 router.

App Control

You can manage the device from anywhere through the TPlink mobile app. The app shows you all the settings and operating features of the device.

No Hub Required 

There is not any hub required with this device because the smart plug works with any wifi router without using any separate hub or subscription services paid.

Provide the Full Security

The smart plug provides you with full security when you are away from home. Connect your home lamp with the smart plug. When you are not present at the home, the plug automatically turns ON the lamp or you just need to turn ON away mode of the smart plug.

Smart Plug Control 

When your device is connected to the smart plug. So, that plug automatically turns OFF your device while not using it. It never leaves your device running.

Stable and Strong Network

This is the best stable and strong internet signals network provider. It transfers the internet signals with 11000 Megabits per second speed.

Common TPlink Archer AX11000 Router troubleshooting Tips of Not Working Issue 

Read these troubleshooting steps to solve your problems related to the TPlink wireless gigabit router. The perfect solution to the problem is important for better performance. So, follow the upcoming paragraphs mentioned steps. 

Try to locate at another place

If your device is not working. So, please try to change the location of your router. Then, remove your router from the previous location and place it where the internet network is good or place at some distance from the electric appliance, water things, metal material. Also, you can place your router on the wall.

Update the firmware 

Your router is working with the old firmware version. So, after some time, you stopped working. To solve the situation, open the web browser and search the IP address of the router. Then, log in to the router’s account, the username and password are given on the label of the device. Next, open the setting, click on the firmware option, and tap in the update. After completing the update, your router will reboot automatically.

Change the connection type 

If your router is connected to the computer or laptop through the Ethernet cable. So, try to change the connection type of your router. And if your router is connected with a wired connection. So, try to connect it with the wifi network.

Reset the TPlink router

To reset the router, find the reset hole on the wireless router. Then, take a PIN to enter into the reset hole and hold it for some seconds. When the router light turns OFF, that means the reset process will start. Your device turns ON automatically when the process is completed. After resetting the device, you get strong or better performance.

Set Up your tplinkwifi router again after the reset process and read the manual of TPlink Archer AX11000 Router for more information.


I purchased this wireless router from Amazon. That is a wonderful and excellent internet range device. There are eight external antennas of the router for increasing the router internet network signals. I set up and installed this dual-band router with the help of an app. Last Sunday, my cousin saw that device at my home. He also asked me to purchase this TPlink Archer router for me and some people in my area bought that router in my copy.

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