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How Regularly Should You Brush Your Teeth?

Though we try as hard as we might, there are certain things we may not be able to accomplish – very simple things at that. One of these is brushing our teeth. Admit it; there may be times you forget to brush your teeth. This happens a lot, especially when you have so much on your mind. In trying to deal with this habit, most people are concerned about how regular they should brush their teeth. Should it be a one-time a day thing, twice, or even three times every day?

In this post, you will find out how many times you should brush your teeth, what kind of dental care your teeth need, and helpful tips to avoid forgetting to brush your teeth.

Let’s start with this.

Dental recommendation

Dental professionals recommend that you brush your teeth two times a day and floss and rinse them using non-alcoholic mouthwash one time per day. This helps to reduce the formation of bacteria that cause gum disease and cavities. Make sure to work towards this.

That’s not all. Every year, you are advised to visit the dentist for professional teeth cleaning at least two times. This means that you should try to be at your dentist’s two times a year for teeth sprucing, including X-rays, preventative care, and cleaning. Again, during this visit, the dentist will treat any discomfort or dental concerns you may have. A dental hygienist can also advise you on what practices will help keep your teeth in tip-top condition. You should find a hygienist in your area.

Having said that, what happens if you eventually forget to brush your teeth?

What to do when you forget to brush your teeth?

Don’t feel like you are the worst person on earth if you forget this important task of the day. There are other persons that don’t remember things like teeth brushing too. So, if you forget to clean your teeth, quickly grab a toothbrush and toothpaste and get it done once you remember. But keep in mind that forgetting to brush your teeth over a long time will cause your gum and teeth problems. Most of the time, it is normal for children to forget when to do things, but grownups can also forget as well.

Some tips to keep you on track for regular dental care:

  1. Make it a task: As you wake up every morning, form the habit of always brushing your teeth as you use the bathroom. Again, do well to take your bath. If you can establish this routine, it will help you remember to brush your teeth.
  2. Establish a notification: To remind yourself when it’s time to brush your teeth, set up a reminder on your phone or computer. A friend can even help remind you. The norm is usually to brush morning and evening, and your schedule may readjust the timing. But what’s important is doing it whenever you set for yourself.
  3. Set a reminder for yourself: As we said earlier, you may forget to brush your teeth. However, if you can work out something that will help remind you, like posting a “brush your teeth” note where you can see clearly, you will not lose sight of the task. When you establish a reminder, you can easily incorporate it into your daily habits.
  4. Substitute often: Having a sugar-free gum or mouthwash in your bag as you move along can help. This will help you clean your teeth when a toothbrush is not near, as you can easily pop gum into your mouth or rinse with a mouthwash. Kindly bear in mind that these options don’t and should not replace the actual brushing. They are limited in efficacy because they do not take out plaque. However, they can come in handy from time to time.

So, how often should you brush your teeth?

The simple answer is two times a day, and anytime you forget, get it done once you remember. Again, discuss with your dentist to help you with other methods that can assist you in making the most of your teeth cleaning.

If you need help, we at Dental Hygienist London are committed to helping you achieve a hygienic smile. We would work with you to take care of your teeth by beginning a dental routine. If you need oral care for yourself or your family member, we are here to help. Find a hygienist in your area to schedule an appointment now. Our hygienists are very friendly and understanding. We would give you all the advice and help you need in achieving an incredible smile. So, when you think of healthy, hygienic teeth, think Dental Hygienist London!

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