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How Google Review Widget Can Help Your Business Grow in 2022

We all know to run a business it is necessary to build credibility amongst the consumers. And the best to do it is by showcasing reviews. As Google stands out as the best review platform, their businesses are opting to display them on the website by choosing to embed Google review widget on the website.

What Is Google Review Widget?

The Google review widget is the functional block on the website, which helps you display Google reviews on your website. Various social media aggregator tools provide you with a dedicated Google review widget to embed on your website. With the help of the Google review widget, you can showcase the reviews related to your brand and win the trust of your consumers.

As mentioned social media aggregators help you to embed Google review widget on the website. Moreover, they provided features that add further relevance and advantage to this strategy.  Various social media aggregators in the market solve your purpose, but we mention the best tools currently available for your relevance.

  1. Tagembed
  2. Social Board
  3. Review Tracker 

You can find these tools easily on the internet, and with their user-friendly interface, you can easily operate them. And if you are looking for a reason to do it? Then here are some of the major benefits of this strategy that might convince you to embed Google review widget on website.

Benefits of Adding Google Review Widget On the Website

Google reviews can provide you with multiple advantages for your business. Here are some of the major benefits that you should consider while deciding whether or not to adopt this strategy.

1. Builds credibility of the business

In today’s world, where we witness many fake or untrusted businesses which often scam people, it becomes important to build trust. While Google review helps in this purpose, one must show the reviews to the ultimate consumers. And you can achieve this feat by opting to embed Google Review widget on the website.

So, when a consumer visits your website, he gets to read all reviews related to your brand and then make their respective decisions. Moreover, if you showcase reviews on the website, it brings out that your brand is transparent. Being transparent here means that your brand considers your consumers’ opinions and showcases them on your website.

2. Assist consumers in their purchase decisions

There are ample statistics on the internet that would tell you that consumers consider reading reviews before making their purchase decision. By opting to embed Google review widget on website, you provide your consumers with easy access to their needed information.

While reading the reviews, they can make their purchase decisions, as they get to know the product better, which brings us to the next advantage.

3. Provides knowledge about the brand/product to consumers

The consumer looks to know more about the product or brand before making a purchase decision. And who can be a better judge than the person using it? Moreover, people often explain different aspects of the product that can be useful for the potential consumer.

It also helps them to know how a particular product can bring change to their respective lives. So by opting to embed Google review widget on the website, you can easily provide better knowledge about your product to your reader. As a result, it can eventually enhance your chance of getting more sales.

4. Keeps the visitors on your website

While consumers have various options, a consumer must stay on the website. And that is because by staying on the website, the consumer can often develop an interest. Or else consumers could visit different websites searching for reviews and ends up buying from other brands. 

Another aspect of this benefit is that – your consumer will have the option to read all reviews, know about the product and purchase the product all in one place. It enhances their browsing experience and makes their purchasing easy.

5. Builds a review cycle

The Internet often gives birth to a lot of trends. And due to this, people often follow what others are doing. The same principle might come in handy for you. By displaying Google reviews on the website, you can inspire other users to post reviews on Google reviews. How? When your customers read reviews of the other customers getting a feature on the website. It might encourage them to write reviews and enjoy their limelight. 

Also, it can help you increase reviews for your Google My Business and eventually enhance your brand’s reputation.


Google reviews have the power to impact the sales of your business. But, while gathering the reviews are important, it is also important to showcase them. And you can easily showcase them by opting to embed Google reviews widget on the website. Various social media aggregator tools help you in this purpose. So, go ahead explore these tools and add Google reviews to your website and enjoy the benefits they provide.

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