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Top 4 Magento 2 Delivery Date Extensions in 2021

Best Magento 2 Delivery Date Extensions in 2021

On-time delivery is one of the most common challenges that eCommerce businesses face. Abandoned carts and unsatisfactory customer service are others that are somehow linked to delivery service. 

Have you?

If not, check out this list of the four best delivery date extensions for Magento 2 stores and integrate the one that meets your requirements.     

  • Delivery Date for Magento 2 by Amasty

delivery date and time

Delivery date extension by Amasty allows customers to pick their convenient date and time at checkout and add additional information for store owners in comments.

It enables users to change the transporting date and time even after the order is placed. You can take advantage of notifications to remind customers about their deliveries. 

Have a look at these key features of dispatch date extension:

  • Get complete control over the shipping date display
  • Set minimum and maximum intervals between deliveries 
  • Include and exclude specific dates from the shipping plan
  • Configure same-day transporting option
  • Set daily limits for shipments
  • Customize delivery data view on the frontend
  • Allow customers to add comments
  • Include transporting info into documents and emails 

Support Plan:

Community Edition: $249

Enterprise Edition: $549

  • Magento 2 Delivery Date by AppJetty

AppJetty Magento 2 Delivery Date extension is a one-stop solution for businesses to lessen their transporting burden. It gives your customers the freedom to select their preferred date and time for order transporting. With a calendar view, you can manage all the orders from one screen.

The extension simplifies your work, letting you get more done in less time, that too, with no errors. 

Here are the remarkable features of AppJetty’s delivery date extension:

  • Configure same-day delivery, set pricing, and limit per day delivery orders
  • Allow customers to select the order dispatch date and time
  • Possibility to change the transporting date and time by a customer after the order is placed
  • Specific working and non-working days
  • Process orders on non-working days
  • Get detailed reports about deliveries, to-be delivered, and more
  • Allow users to add comments and notes
  • Notify customers about deliveries
  • Change the order deliveries pre-defined by customers
  • Set minimum and maximum dispatch intervals
  • transporting configuration per individual product
  • Estimated delivery date functionality at the product page
  • Customize the transporting date and time formats

Support Plans:

 3 months: $169

 6 months: $220

 1 year: $237

Installation fee: +$39

  • Magento 2 Delivery Date extension by MageWorx

add delivery comment

MageWorx’s extension lets your customers add dispatch date and time with a handy drag-and-drop option. It allows them to add comments at checkout and change the shipment option after placing the order.

From the backend, you can set the different intervals between order processing and shipping. This gives you a clear idea of dispatch time and costs. 

Key features of Magento 2 Order dispatch Date and Time extension are:

  • The comment section on the checkout page
  • Estimated delivery date feature on the product page
  • Options for the dispatch date and time format
  • Configuration of carriage options based on customer group
  • Delivery interval according to order processing time
  • Set a special price for specific dispatch options
  • Define holidays, vacations, and other non-working days from the backend
  • API support
  • Columns with translating information in the grid view

Support plan: $179

  • Magento 2 Estimated Delivery Date by MageDelight


MageDelight delivery extension facilitates users to receive their orders carriage at their convenience with the date and time slot selection feature. You, on the other side, can set special prices for specific delivery slots, define minimum and maximum intervals between processing, and manage week-off and special day delivery.

Here’s what more it offers:

  • Convenient date and time selection slot
  • Edit shipment date after order placement
  • Define vacation and holidays from the backend
  • Configure working and non-working hours from the backend

Support plan:

Community Edition: $179

Enterprise Edition: $359

Installation fee: +$49

With this, we conclude our article. Those mentioned above are the four best Magento 2 shipment date extensions. Compare and see which solution offers better value for money, and go for it. 

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