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Honeymoon in Morocco

Honeymoon in Morocco will immerse you in the most authentic local atmosphere, full of colours, flavours, and sounds.  With Morocco desert tours, your honeymoon trip in Morocco will be extraordinary. Morocco is an exotic Arabian destination with aromatic spices and surprisingly low prices. It is difficult to find another equally appealing romantic destination. Marrakech, Fez, and Essaouira all have medieval medinas and inexpensive cafes. You can get lost in the maze of local markets and lose your sense of direction. Morocco has an abundance of shopping opportunities.

Everything from oriental carpets to grandmothers is here. You can also stay in riads, which are traditional and local guest houses with courtyards. Some Riads are quite pricey, while others are more affordable. With its enveloping scents of spices and incense and its magical and mysterious settings, Morocco is a particularly romantic country suitable for honeymoon trips. A honeymoon in Morocco can be enjoyed all year round, even in winter, thanks to the country’s mild and pleasant climate. Check here for more destinations for Morocco honeymoon.

What to visit in Honeymoon in Morocco

honeymoon in Morocco

There are many ancient cities you can visit, such as the old city of Fès or that of Meknès. Also, the medinas of Tétouan, Essaouira or Marrakech are all UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You will admire their architectural and cultural beauties. In these medinas of Morocco, there are many restaurants on the hills. They offer terraces on the roofs of ancient castles or towers. At night, they offer enchanting landscapes overlooking the city and its thousand lights.

Setting out to discover the wonderful valleys of Atlas makes a couple more romantic and better. The Draa valley or the Dades valley is the best known in Morocco.  It is especially recommended to go there in spring when the valleys are in bloom. There,  you will enjoy fantastic honeymoon trips in breathtaking landscapes. You will also enjoy numerous waterfalls and rivers of the region.  The height of romance for a honeymoon in Morocco is to spend a night on roads or hotels that overlook the valleys and mountains

Are you ready for a romantic honeymoon in Morocco that will last a lifetime?  Another popular honeymoon destination is the Merzouga desert. Erg Chebbi offers a variety of exciting and extreme desert activities. You will find joy in the magic of your love among the desert’s golden sand dunes. It is also a land of hospitality that will leave you with memories and experiences you will never forget. Most couples plan 15 days tour from Casablanca or 10 days tour from Marrakech to visit the desert. Check them on Morocco desert tours above. Check here for other destinations for your honeymoon in other countries.

Morocco Cuisine in Honeymoon in Morocco.

Morocco is also a country very famous for its gastronomy. Couscous is certainly one of the most popular Moroccan dishes you can enjoy in different ways. It’s certainly not the only tagine, but the Tagine is a fairly popular dish. Meat and vegetable broth with sauces and spices served in a clay casserole. At first glance, it may not be very intriguing, but it is really worth a try. Then there is the kofta, an excellent casserole of beef, lamb and chicken with peaches and almonds. Mint tea and many sweets made with honey and almonds are also good. In this land, you will be able to try amazing foods which are great fun for all tastes.

The season for honeymoon in Morocco

You can choose the best time to visit Morocco based on your travel needs. After all, Morocco not only has the best beach season, but also the best opportunities for excursions, ski resorts, and outstanding cuisine.

From May to October, it is best to relax on Morocco’s ocean coast.  In winter, you have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go skiing in the Atlas Mountains. And perhaps winter is when it’s worthwhile to visit Morocco for sightseeing without the sweltering summer heat. However, there may not be a single time when one should not visit Morocco.

Morocco’s high season lasts from April to October when the Atlantic Ocean is warm enough to swim in. The greatest influx of tourists was observed here at this time. The second tourist season begins during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Morocco’s low season lasts from November to March.

Spring in Morocco is ideal for sightseeing because the temperature rarely rises above +25. You can stroll around Medina’s streets with ease and sample the local food. In the spring, the weather in Morocco is dry and sunny. Yet there are strong gusts and rain occasionally falls on Moroccan cities. It’s too early to swim, but Morocco will be in full swing in the spring. Especially in May, when orange orchards bloom here.

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