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Google Ad Quality Score- Getting The Metrics Right

Google offers a veritable suite for managing your campaigns and overall promotional activities. Amongst them, Google Ad Quality Score is a vital component to gauge the quality of ads, being run by the advertisers.


A good understanding of it can significantly influence the cost of your paid search campaign and its effectiveness. A low score indicates a poor campaign while a higher one denotes a better ad rank with inversely proportional CTR. In order to get improved results, you must get a grasp of the following concepts.

Importance of a Google Ad Quality Score

With Google, user experience becomes one of the key components for generating highly relevant, quality intensive results for searches. The Google Ad Quality Score aims to assess the performance of the advertisement, so as to properly pair the intent or specific search query of the user.

In this manner, the Ad Quality Score ends up playing a vital role in ascertaining the Ad Rank which is scored out of 10. At the point when clients input inquiries, your Ads are read via an auction or bidding system, where Google duplicates your bid by your Quality Score to decide your positioning or Ad Ranking. You can improve your Ads Quality Score over the long haul by conveying better, more significant advertisements and Google Ads Management than your rivals, making your campaigns more accomplished.

Google Ad Quality Score- Multiple Advantages at Your Disposal

  • Maximises conversion
  • Cuts down on CPC
  • Low Google Ad Quality Score- More susceptible to loss
  • Affects the campaign performance.

In essence, a higher Quality Score enhances the efficiency with a smooth and positive buying journey for the user. This again, stimulates a better conversion rate. The best way to generate more clicks for the same budget is by gaining a better Google Ad Quality Score and Google Ads Management.

With the management expertise involved, it is best to collaborate with an established digital marketing agency in Dubai and see the magic happen.

Calculating the Quality Score

The Quality Score determinants are many, but the primary ones that hold the maximum significance are-

Ad Relevance

This is an assessment designed to detect and read the copy and keywords in an organic search which produces the relevance quotient of the ad, in terms of the specific keyword. The entity ascertains the semantic proximity of keywords in the ad copy itself and the larger ad group from which it emanates. Regardless of the fact that Google recommends keywords, it  can gravely jeopardize the ad quality  by mitigating the relevance and hamper the performance of the ad on the whole.

Click-Through Rate

The estimate of your previous ad’s performance is equated by the Expected CTR or click through rate. With a high CTR, Google understands that your ad is more relevant to the keyword targeted and thus, more likely to perform better.

Landing Page Experience

The factor that adjudges how relevant and useful the landing page is for the users who have followed the ad is called the landing page Experience. This is the composition of numerous other metrics themselves like relevance of the copy on the landing page, the page’s bounce rate calculated previously and the technical user experience indicators.

Previous Performances

Google tends to generate a purview of the historical performance of both Quality Score and its implicit metrics. This requires the campaigns and keywords to be implemented and running for a long period of time.

Discovering the Google Ad Quality Score

Under the “Keywords tab” in your search campaigns, one can find the Quality Score indexed. Further details of the performance are also available there.

Improving the Quality Score

Enhancement of this calls for the collusion with an established media agency, who with their dual pronged approach, not only work upon the landing page experience, but also help uplift the following-

Ad Relevance

While selling different products, spanning across various industries, it’s pertinent to divide them into sub-heading that are relevant to the keywords. Creating a designated ad group that carries related ad copy for each, is also of great importance.

Ad Creatives

Ad creatives are determined by a strong text and distinctive Call-to-action that helps the user navigate to your website effortlessly that is extending the apt answer to this search query. Developing the accurate synergy and synthesis between the target keywords and their respective creatives also play a pivotal role here.

Ad Extensions

Google is replete with tools and extensions that give a concrete backing to the campaign, like sitelinks, callouts, structured, snippets, price extensions etc. Using these extensions to their full length and breadth serves the user with vital information that is intended from the search, which in turn augments the click-through rate on your campaign.

Expected Click-Through Rate

Having ads tailored for each keyword, instead of clubbing them together is more likely to produce a good CTR score and also gloss up the ad relevance.

What You Need To Work on for Enhancing the Quality Score

Landing Page Experience

Developing a lucid, relevant and uncomplicated landing page proves to be a beneficial move. This also improves the website performance and the user experience overall. These are the key ingredients to make sweeping conversions.

When Landing pages are text-intensive or come with information overload then a relatively streamlined process of purchase becomes hampered and leads to an increase in the bounce rate of your website.


Attachment of the precise page that answers the user query is also important to make your Google Ad Quality Score work. If your keyword alerts you to a broader product category page, it disenchants the user and adds again to the bounce rate.

Sometimes, the right URL track could still not generate the desired Ad Quality Score for your campaign and this is mostly likely caused by a bad landing page experience. Considering a UX overhaul for the same and testing a landing page shall help with the Quality Score.

Little Hacks for a Successful Campaign and Good Score

Evidently, there is no clear and magical path for making a quick Ad Quality Boost but one can always work upon processes and tools that drive it up. Mainly SEO techniques help out here, some of them are-

Campaign Structure

As emphasized previously, making hyper-relevant keywords for each ad-group is rather crucial, Keeping it concise and accurate to the keywords in question runs up the CTR and produces a higher expected CTR score. The probability of  triggering irrelevant terms is greatly reduced when a single keyword ad group that focuses exclusively on one term is executed. This is one quick shot for amplifying the targeted ad group.


Better known as Search Query Reports, this is a commonly used tool to identify the gaps that are causing higher costs with insignificant conversion. Splitting up the ad group into more precise campaign aids here and even declaring a keyword as negative can cut down on the mounting costs, SQRs thus directly affect the CTR in a major way. Reviewing the reports from an early phase of the campaign and determining the negative keywords helps in the holistic refinement of the campaign.

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