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Chronic Dry Eyes: Causes, Symptoms And Best Treatment Option In India

If you are experiencing redness, a gritty sensation, and a constant feeling of some foreign body in your eyes, you might be suffering from dry eyes. More often than not, it is a temporary condition that can be treated with some eye drops, precautionary measures, and a week of rest. However, if the underlying cause is some serious body change, terminal disease or hormonal surges like pregnancy or menopause, then it may turn into a chronic dry eye condition that needs to be addressed without delay.

There are a Lot of Conditions that may Lead to Dryness in the Eyes, the Most Common Ones are as Followed: 


Although anyone can suffer from a dry eye problem, it gets more and more common as one moves to the senior years of their life. Dry eye is more common with people who are over 50 as tear glands start to lose their productivity. This kind of dry eyes syndrome cannot be prevented, a simple way is to follow some natural methods like cold washes, regular sole massages, regular exposure to soft sunlight, etc. The allopathic way to treatment suggests artificial tears to keep the eyes moist. But if the natural Ayurvedic ways work, why go for them.


Our tears are composed of mucus, water, and oil. But there are some specific medications that may reduce the production of mucus and lead to chronic dry eye condition. The most common dry eyes causing medicines include beta-blockers, diuretics, antidepressants, and antihistamines. Most of these medicines are used for hypertension, anxiety and depression. So, if any medicine is causing your symptoms of dryness, you should speak to your doctor. You may ask them to give you alternative medicine or a milder dose that reduces irritation on the eyes. 

Overuse of Computer:

There are a lot of professions that involve the overuse of computers. They need to be on screen for hours every day. Along with these issues, they need to keep looking at the computer and slowly they develop the habit of blinking less and less. So, the tears begin to evaporate more and more quickly and the person starts experiencing irritation, redness, and constant tearing in the eyes. The best idea is to not let the less and less blinking habit get frequent. You must deliberately try to blink more and more, it is a natural method of preventing irritation and dryness in the eyes. Also, the dry eyes treatment in ayurveda includes some basic eye exercises and herbal medicines, some of these can be used regularly without fearing any side effects. You just need to know the right amount to put in your eyes every single day. 

Laser Surgery:

Laser surgeries are quite useful in correcting several vision-related issues. However, the technology also comes with its own range of side effects. It also cuts some corneal nerves that reduce the production of tears. Since this condition is a side effect of surgery. It is a temporary problem that resolves naturally within a few days. The only precaution that you need to take is to keep your eyes lubricated. Stay away from exposure to screen, dust, pollution, etc for the quarantine period. 


Hormones play a key role in the health and well-being of our eyes. There are some women who experience dry eyes syndrome during pregnancy, birth control pills, etc. The same applies to menopause and if you plan to go for hormone replacement therapy. It may not be of some help. So, the better idea is to try to battle it off with normal exercises. And precautionary measures that do not let the condition get worse. 

Vitamin A Deficiency:

Vitamin A is quite important for maintaining healthy eyes. So, when your diet falls short of nutrients including Vitamin A, it leads to several vision-related issues including dry eyes. A small blood test may help in recognizing the deficiency of Vitamin A. With natural supplements, it may take months to get things back on the healthy track. So, a better idea is to go with a healthier diet, do some good active workouts, and use some Ayurvedic eye drops for dry eyes treatment in ayurveda that will restore the moisture content in the eyes. 

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