Caravan Refrigerator: A Comprehensive Guide

Refrigerators designed exclusively for caravans, RVs, and fifth wheels are known as caravan fridges. Their purpose is to keep food cool and fresh while travelling. An off-life roader’s on the road is made more convenient with a caravan fridge freezer. The compressor and the three-way or absorption type are the most prevalent kinds of caravan fridges. And because it uses two different power sources instead of three, the compressor refrigerator is sometimes known as a two-way caravan fridge. However, understanding the most common kinds of caravan fridges isn’t enough to help you choose the ideal one for your specific needs.

When it comes to RV refrigeration, there are several factors to consider. So to learn more about the many varieties of caravan refrigerators and how to choose the ideal one, read on.


There are a lot of different kinds of fridges out there for caravans, and there is a wide range of sizes and capacities for these devices. Meanwhile, a medium capacity fridge/freezer is the norm in most motorhomes, but not all of them. There is little enough room for a few ice cubes in this fridge.

From 40 to 230 litres, you may pick from a variety of popular compressors and three-way caravan fridges available. In addition, you may purchase them with either a single or double-door.

How to Maximise the Usefulness of a Caravan Refrigerator

If you wish to get the most out of your RV fridge, follow these guidelines:

  • A minimum of two days before your anticipated departure date, turn on the caravan refrigerator using the mains electricity in your home. This way, the fridge can stabilise its temperature, and this step is critical.
  • You should pre-cool your food and beverages in your home refrigerator before putting them in your mobile fridge.
  • Pack your food in sealed plastic containers.
  • Cover the ice blocks in the freezer trays with a lid.
  • Make sure there are no blockages in the fridge’s air vents.
  • Insulate the fridge’s top and side walls using fibreglass batts.
  • Purchase a tiny fan that fits beneath the condenser fins to reduce the temperature where it is the most extreme.
  • Keep the fridge’s hot air flowing out easily by making the top of the container curved.
  • Install a solar fridge fan in the fridge’s vent chamber at the rear to help circulate air more efficiently.
  • Try attaching a 12-volt cooling fan to the bottom of the fridge chamber and see if it works. Meanwhile, cool air is blown into the coils by this fan, which then rises to the top vent.
  • Make sure you cover or shade the RV’s exterior with a canvas awning, especially around the RV’s fridge vents, while it is parked. With an absorption-type refrigerator, this is much more crucial.

When you plug in a caravan fridge, the freezer compartment usually cools down within hours. So to utilise it to its maximum potential, you need to hook it into a power source at least one or two days before your real trip (when you’ll be using the fridge for long periods). Meanwhile, the cooling effect of a caravan fridge differs from that of a standard one in that it is dependent on gravity. Hence, the efficiency of the caravan fridge freezer in keeping your food cold will reduce if you place it on an uneven surface. So to get the most out of it, you must ensure that it is level or even in all directions.

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