7 Types of Washbasins to Choose From For Your Perfect Bathroom

Washbasins play a pivotal part when adding design, style, modern aura, and using bathroom showrooms perth to bathrooms and other areas. Washbasins not only facilitate us, but they also work as a luxury that adds to the bathroom’s ambiance. Bathroom Supplies Osborne Park is truly a significant segment that can help you set up affordable and uniquely styled bathrooms.

Following are the seven types of washbasins to choose from for your perfect bathroom

Following are the best and perfect washbasin options from Bathroom Supplies Osborne Park and bathroom showrooms perth, the distinctive manufacturers and suppliers of bathroom accessories. If you face any leakage problem and need plumbing, the best options for you are Plumbing Supplies Osborne Park and Plumbing Supplies Perth, as their services are worth having.

1. Studio Wall Basin with Fixing Kit 1 TapTaphole0mm White

Studio Wall Basin is the best option that we can affirm you to buy as it is an all-rounder product. It fulfils your requirement and allows you to decorate your bathroom ambiance. It is a wall, mounted washbasin, easy to set up and plot. Has good height and can work wonders in any size bathroom.  comes from Bathroom Supplies Osborne Park, which has goodwill in the market because of its best washbasins.

2. Heron Square Vessel Basin No tap hole White

Heron Square Vessel Basin is a perfect product for your ideal bathroom. It comes in a fresh white colour. It’s  is multidirectional in its functionality, and it can work best in the white-colored bathroom. It is a hung wall basin with a good amount of width.

3. Studio Corner Wall Basin with Fixing Kit

This washbasin gives your bathroom a fine finish. It is one of the reliable washbasins ensured in all the possible ways and terms. It also comes in a fresh and decent white colour. It has high durability and can harbour you with long-term usage. It has a moderate height and has a good amount of width.

4. Acacia Super Sleek Semi Recessed Basin

Bathroom supplies Osborne park is its guarantor because it has amazed all the clients who used it. It has got a unique and modern style, and it allows you to enhance the colour scheming of your bathroom showrooms perth as well. It is engaging in class and values functionality.

5. Cygnet Semi Inset Basin

Cygnet Semi basin is a tremendous semi-inset with white color, and it has a fantastic shape and has a significant amount of usage capacity. It can be installed and plotted in any bathroom, whether in schools, cinemas, restaurants, or homes.

6. Cygnet Semi Recessed Basin No Taphole 500mm White

It is one another, no tap hole washbasin in white colour. Best for moderate-sized washrooms as well as a decent sizing scheme.  Durable as well as an excellent addition to your perfect bathroom. It will not make you face any leakage problem, but if it’s the case with any other washbasin you use, you can check out platforms like plumbing supplies Perth and plumbing Supplies Osborne Park.

7. Acacia SupaSleek Vessel Basin

It is a washbasin that comes in a vessel shape. The vessel shape is considered the most trendy shape when washing basins, and it is in such an elegant white colour and is the most reliable one. The merit and advantage of these washbasins are their reasonableness and inexpensiveness.

They are considered the best quality product for just a tiny amount of money.

  • COUNTERTOP WASHBASIN: A sink basin sits on a counter instead of installed into a wall, vanity, or standing separately on a pedestal.
  • FULL PEDESTAL WASHBASIN: It helps to support the basin’s weight as well as cover the rather unattractive pipework behind.
  • HALF PEDESTAL WASHBASIN: Semi pedestal basins don’t bit the floor, instead consisting of a half-sized ceramic pedestal sitting below the wall-mounted basin.
  • WALL-MOUNTED WASHBASIN: It is simply a vessel to clean up that much serves the aim with no frills.
  • CORNER WASHBASIN: It is designed to be as compact as possible and is an ideal space solution when a bathroom doesn’t have a lot of floor space.
  • UNDER-MOUNT WASHBASIN: Undermount sinks have this name because they are positioned under the counter so that the edge of the sink is below the level of the counter.


Here, we can end our discussion about seven washbasins to choose from for your perfect bathroom. If you are looking for a stylish, exquisite, and practical washbasin, the options mentioned above are the most advisable. You can opt for your perfect bathroom in all possible ways.

If planning to rebuild your bathroom and if possible, you must visit Bathroom Shops Osborne Park, where you get everything you are looking for to design your bathroom and give a reality from your imagination. Bathroom showroom in Perth helped you to create your very own luxury bathroom at the best price. The designers of bathroom shops osborne park, are all set to make you outshine with vibrant colours. Do reach out to them to avoid the rush in the lust of designing your bathroom and making it perfect.

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