Blog Posting; The Best Guideline

The best guideline is to provide at minimum two or three topics that are related to the topic of the blog. This way, you’ll demonstrate that you’ve done some research and increase the chance. That the editor will pick your proposal from the plethora of other pitches. Do not forget to ask the editor for subject suggestions, too. In the end, nobody is more knowledgeable about the blog than you. Yuri Shafranik 

Attach Your Portfolio

Tell the editor what you have to offer your expertise to the table. By providing an online link to your portfolio or at a minimum, appropriate examples. It’s likely that you’re only beginning your career in copywriting. And do not have a list of guest posts published to display.

If that’s the case, you should consider starting an attempt to a personal blog. It’s an excellent way to increase your writing skills and show off your skills. What’s the Best Way to Connect With an Editor? The best option is to get in touch with editors on social networks without hesitation. So begin by commenting, liking, and sharing their articles. While you’re there, keep your eyes on the subjects they write about. It’ll give you an idea of what they might expect from you. Yuri Shafranik

Blogs for Digital Marketing


Mention is a social-listening and monitoring tool for brands. Its blog covers a range of aspects of digital marketing. However its main attention is on social media. You will find plenty of details in their guidelines for guest posts.

  1. Advanced Web Ranking

Advanced Web Ranking is a rank-tracking solution. Naturally its blog is stuff with articles, guides as well as expert roundups of the most recent SEO developments.

13. Jeff Bullas’s Blog

Jeff Bullas is interested in the only 100% original content that doesn’t require any self-promotion. In addition, in these guidelines, they advise pitching at least three subjects.

This boosts the likelihood of being accept since there’s a greater chance. They’ll be interest in the idea you’ve come up with.

  1. Shane Barker

Shane Barker’s blog focuses on online marketing and has a special focus on influencer marketing and SEO. So if it is written well the blog post that has to do with these subjects is an excellent match.

  1. Einstein Marketer

The most important topics on this blog include SEO and SMM and how they interact. SEO is a good fit for WordPress is also an ideal match.

  1. Harvard Business Review

HBR welcomes guest articles on leadership, strategy and organizational change. However, diversity and integration and innovation, as well as decision making marketing, career changes working-life balance. So managing teams. The five components they search for in a contribution are evidence, expertise that is original, practicality and persuasiveness.

18.Rank Ranger

Ranking Ranger provides an SEO solution. To help businesses grow their organically and to monitor their rank in SERPs. The blog of the website is fill with SEO-related information. As well as expert round-ups of the latest research, statistics and tips. If you’ve got something to help in this area you have a chance to do so.

19. is a marketing content tool that allows brands to upload content to websites in bulk. However without having to waste too much time editing. The site accepts posts on subjects such as blogging and CMS, content marketing, and the effectiveness of content marketers.

  1. Getresponse

Getresponse is focused on marketing automation. If you have something to add regarding email marketing, website creation, and improving conversion funnels. Thus this is an ideal blog to share it with us.


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