Benefits of Outdoor and Indoor Lafayette Reception Hall

Benefits of Outdoor and Indoor Lafayette Reception Hall

This COVID-19 situation has been rough on everyone and everything. It has not only affected human life but has also worsened the global economy. Many industries, including the wedding market, saw a downfall in 2019 and 2020 due to the pandemic. But, according to a prediction, this trend will change in 2021, and there will be a rise in wedding revenue. 

So, if you wish to contribute to this growth, it’s better to start planning your big day right away and ensure that choosing the best Lafayette reception hall is at the top of your list. To do so, you have to decide whether an indoor venue is a right choice or an outdoor venue, which you can’t do without knowing its pros. Therefore, follow this post to make a suitable choice.

5 Reasons To Choose Indoor Lafayette Reception Hall

If you want to choose an indoor wedding venue, here are the pros you will enjoy with it:

The first thing you won’t have to worry about is rain, sun, and wind, as you will be enjoying the event in a safe surroundings. Also, you won’t have to worry about birds and insects as you will be in a controlled environment.


When you go for an indoor Lafayette reception hall, you won’t have to worry about sitting arrangements, decor, kitchen, and restroom because everything will be in its place. 

Other than this, you won’t have to worry about the decor because indoor halls come with great decoration themes you will love. You can choose any interior style, and you will get a venue of your wish.

Also, it is the best location for night events because you get the perfect lighting, which you won’t enjoy in an outdoor event. And the best thing about proper lighting is you get the best photographs to cherish.

Lastly, Lafayette reception hall is an affordable choice. You won’t have to worry about going overboard. You will get a dreamy wedding within your budget, so don’t worry while choosing this option.

5 Reasons To Choose An Outdoor Wedding Venue

Pick an outdoor wedding space, and you won’t regret your choice due to the following reasons:

The beautiful view of the sky and garden will make your wedding day even more exciting and worth remembering. And you will love the photographs with an amazing background.


You will also get enough space to organize a theme you want for your wedding. The open ground lets you accommodate as many people as you want.

The best thing about an outdoor arrangement is you get more time to enjoy the event than an indoor wedding because people choose the second option more than the primary one.

While you have limited themes to choose from in an indoor option, you can go for any decoration idea for an outdoor event, and it will turn out perfectly well. 

Like indoor arrangements, the outdoor venue is also affordable. Money won’t be an issue for you. So, choosing this idea will make your wedding day mesmerizing.

Now, if you choose to go for the indoor Lafayette reception hall, Le Pavillon is the best pick for your d-day. The banquet is spacious to accommodate big gatherings. Your guests will be impressed with its decor, cleanliness, and hospitality. The parking system is also impressive. 

You can look at their venue online, or you can visit the site to ensure everything is just as you want. The place is affordable, and you can rely on the management to make your wedding a success with the best staff. All you need to do is give them the chance they deserve and book the venue right away.

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