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How to Train Cyber Crime Police Station?

Nowadays there is a need for a cybercrime police station. We are all living in a digital world based on digital technology. In the era of digitalization, we all get caught in some kind of crime. Whereas, to protect ourselves from any cybercrime, we need a cyber-police station and a cop who is a well train cyber crime police station.

Criminals have invented a new method of scamming the public. Cybercriminals today are quite skill at obtaining people’s OTPs and using them to take money from their accounts. Aside from this, they are also downloading and deploying untested tools to get into WhatsApp data.

Techniques of Hackers

 Email frauds, social media crimes, mobile app-related crimes, business email compromise, data theft, spyware, net banking/ATM frauds, fake calls fraud, insurance fraud, lottery scam, bitcoin, cheating scams, online transactions fraud, gift card frauds, extortion, and Phishing-Vishing frauds are some of the types of cybercrimes that have increased in the national capital in recent months.

Train Cyber Crime Police Station

The Delhi Police’s Cyber Crime is a specialized section that deals with all complicated and delicate instances of cybercrime, particularly those involving women and children as victims.

It was previously equipper with a state-of-the-art Cyber Lab, which included cyber forensic capabilities such as the extraction of deleted data from hard discs and mobile phones, imaging and hash value calculation, forensic servers, portable forensic tools for the on-site examination, and the ability to extract data from the most up-to-date Android and iOS mobile phones, as well as Chinese mobile phones.

The Delhi Police would be required to establish the same cutting-edge cyber lab in each of the national capital’s 15 districts.

Education to become Cyber Crime Investigator

Education a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice or cybersecurity is often necessary to be considered for a post as a cybercrime investigator in the United States. Also, some community schools offer two-year associate degrees in criminal justice, which enable students who want to become cybercrime investigators to transfer to a four-year college or university and receive a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. An undergraduate degree in computer science is also advantageous for employment as a cybercrime investigator.

Experience In part because the knowledge base necessary to be a good cyber crime investigator is cross-functional, this is a job that is best suit for a cybersecurity or criminal investigations specialist with a strong background. Even if a candidate graduates from college with one of the aforementioned bachelor’s degrees, it is doubtful that he or she will have the necessary expertise in both cybersecurity and investigations. A good understanding of investigative concepts and procedures may add to cybersecurity abilities as a result of field experience, or vice versa, allowing for more versatility.

Responsibilities of Cyber Crime Police

 Following a crime, it is necessary to examine computer systems and networks.

  1. The process of recovering data that has been lost or damage.
  2. Evidence is being gather.
  3. Obtaining information about computers and networks.
  4. Cyberattacks are being reconstruct.
  5. It is necessary to work in a multijurisdictional or cross-jurisdictional setting.
  6. Preparing expert reports on exceedingly difficult technical issues that need specialized knowledge.
  7. Also, giving testimony in court.
  8. Law enforcement officers are being trained on cyber-related matters.
  9. Expert evidence, affidavits, and reports are all written by me.
  10. Speaking to customers, supervisors, and upper-level managers.
  11. By doing research and receiving training, investigators and cybersecurity professionals may keep their abilities up to date.
  12. Recovery of password-protected/encrypted files and information that has buri.
  13. Identifying and assessing security issues in software applications, networks, and endpoints.
  14. Identify and provide recommendations for techniques of evidence preservation and presentation.
  15. The capacity to cooperate and interact effectively with others on a team.

Expert Train Cyber Crime Police Station

We all know that in any area of ​​the workplace we need education. All of us on the internet are searching for what education and qualification are require to investigate cybercrime. But now I am guiding you to become an expert. If you train yourself under cyber expert then you can achieve your goal. And I know who is the best cyber Expert and Digital Forensics trainer in India.

Anurag Singh is always the first choice of every Police officer, CBI, and Digital Forensics Expert. He has over twenty years of dedicated experience in the area of digital technology with a particular focus on cyber investigations and digital forensics. Anurag has also worked as a cyber-expert, digital forensics teacher, and business owner in various capacities.


Finally, We explain the above how to train cyber crime police station. Cybercrime is increasing day by day so we need to help the cyber police force control the crimes. If you want to become a criminal investigator or are in the post of police or want to make yourself an expert, then you can take the help of Anurag Singh for that.

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