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9 Self-Care Hacks for Students Appearing for Exams

Get the Best 9 Self-Care Hacks for Students Appearing for Exams

Studying and exams will always be a part of a student’s life. This has a love-hate relationship with students because sometimes the subjects can be easy and not really. So, what if you are feeling burned out or stressed? What if your mind is exhausted and you do not know how to get over it?

Well, today we are going to state some simple tips to take care of yourself during exams. These are all simple practices that you can do anytime you feel physically and mentally drained. Because if you do not take care of yourself, how can you put in your 100% effort.


  • Go for a walk

During exams, students tend to study for long hours. Due to this, they have sleepless nights and restless mornings. Hence in times like this, it is essential to rejuvenate yourself by going for a walk. A walk early in the morning can make your feel energetic and refreshed. Simple walks around your area under the sun with a slight breeze on your face can feel therapeutic. This is a great way to prepare yourself for the rest of the study day. Try following this whenever you feel stressed out due to studies.

  • Entertain yourself

Exams are not entertaining for anyone. So, try to do something which amuses you. This can be watching small videos, listening to songs, talking to loved ones or engaging in fun activities. This may feel like a waste of essential time for many students. But taking breaks to refill your energy is vital if you don’t want to feel burnt out soon. So take mini-breaks to entertain yourself. This will help you be happy and give you some of the time before your next study session.

  • Treat yourself

I know how guilty we feel when we are sparing even one minute before exams. But let me tell you that balance is the key. While you study all day, you also need to treat yourself because studies will be with you for a more extended period. After hours of studying, don’t feel guilty for treating yourself. Treat yourself to your favourite ice cream or watch a movie. You studied for 12 hours, so 2 hours of self-care does not matter. When you are genuinely exhausted, then treating yourself is what will make you feel encouraged.

  • Do self-relaxation practices

Following one or two simple self-relaxation strategies are great to stay out of distress. Some simple forms of techniques are yoga, meditation, breathing exercises etc. Simple relaxation practices are excellent to help you control your mind and your stress too. You will often find people who do these routines are calm, which is an attractive characteristic to have in life. You can practice any simply one or 2-minute mediation or self-care exercises to get rid of your anxiety.

  • Follow a routine

How often do we hear about having a reasonable timetable? And how often do we follow it? As we said, exams are not going anywhere soon. First, you will give tests, then mock, then final exams, and it goes on. To balance everything out and have a steady life, you need to have a routine. Follow a strict bedtime, mealtime and study time. Once you have a solid timetable, you don’t have to rush or feel confused about completing your daily tasks and have sufficient time for everything.

  • Share your thoughts

In times when you are feeling anxious about exams, it is best to express your feelings. You can either do this by communicating with your close ones or always go for the habit of journaling. Of course, if you are not compatible with talking to someone, you can always write down what you feel. Either way, the tip here is to let your feelings out so that you don’t feel burdened by them. Keeping too many emotions to yourself can are you feel heavy, and that never promise good results.

  • Don’t skip meals

Next top what we have is not skipping meals. Having a proper diet is what is going to make you feel energetic. Having a good diet is a must for everyone.  During exams, we tend to forget about sleep and food and end up skipping all of them. This is what makes us feel drained and exhausted. You need to have the proper nutrition to give your best. Try to eat healthily and avoid overeating junk food. Also, avoid taking too much caffeine as it hampers your health in the longer run.

  • Switch up the environment

Next, what we have is switching up the environment. So often, we feel stuck and unable to focus because of the study environment. In such times, it is better to find a new, quiet and well-ventilated place to study. A good study place can be quiet and soothing. The more you try to learn amidst distractions, the more you will be wasting your time. Hence take your time seriously and study where you can put your whole mind and dedication into it.

  • Don’t be hard on yourself.

Our final tip is don’t be too hard on yourself. So often, we end up comparing ourselves with others and thinking we are not doing our best. Thoughts like these are what makes you feel drained and demotivated. You need to take care of your mental health, or else grades won’t matter in the longer run. Try to follow your study time and put your best foot forward. And never forget that not everyone is talented in everything.

Final words

We all know the importance of education and grades in academic life. However, you cannot skip part of taking care of yourself or all of this would go in vain. You shod work hard but not to the point where you are hampering your health. Follow these simple tips and tricks in your stressful study hours to feel refreshed. They are not time-consuming practices and ensure a healthy lifestyle in the longer run.

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