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7 strategies to make your employees feel heard

H7 strategies to make your employees feel heard

Have you ever been in a situation where you voiced your opinion, but management didn’t pay attention? Many of us have gone through the same situation. Employees feeling unheard in the workplace is one of the significant challenges. However, good leaders are taking care of this problem, and they make sure to listen to their employees’ opinions as well before making any final decision. Feeling heard is an essential aspect of any professional or personal relationship. When you are running a business, listening to and responding to your employees can tremendously impact them.

When you are a leader, it is easy to lead, but effectively listening to your workers is a learned skill. Allowing your employees to raise their opinion is very important. Employees’ vision and new perspectives can also help improve your business’s productivity. Moreover, when employees feel heard, they develop a sense of commitment to their business owners. As per a report by Forbes, one of the many reasons for the higher turnover rates in companies is employees being overlooked. Your employees want to be listened to, and you need to take care of that.

Here we are mentioning 7 tips that can ensure that your employees feel heard.


  1. Encourage employees to involve in meetings

We have all seen that the loudest voice has the domination in any meeting. Some employees hesitate to raise their voices, which can ultimately demotivate必利勁
them. Managers are responsible for encouraging their workers to speak up and enlighten others with their ideas. Don’t pressurize them, and don’t put a spotlight on them. These employees usually don’t like attention. Talk with them, and comfort them. Invite them to participate in the meeting and make them feel listened to.

  1. Choose the right style of communication

Communication style is crucial in understanding the dynamics of being heard and valued. Companies usually follow four main communication styles known as assertive, passive-aggressive, aggressive, and passive. You can pick any style of communication to make your employees feel they are heard.

  • The passive communication style is also known as the submissive communication style. This is basically a way of pleasing others. Companies follow this communication style when employees fail to express their ideas.
  • The aggressive communication style can be easily heard, felt, or seen. You can recognize when someone communicates aggressively. This style is intimidating and dominating.
  • The passive-aggressive communication style looks calm, but it comprises underlying bitterness. People who opt for this style are often dissatisfied and unhappy.
  • Assertive is the most popular and effective way to have a conversation with your employees. It is the most productive style that lets others raise their opinions.
  1. Conduct internal interviews

Companies usually look outside to hire candidates in higher positions. Promoting one of your employees to the next level can be really beneficial for your business growth. Internal employees often have the best solution to all the current problems in the organization. You have to show your employees that you believe in their abilities. Always prefer internal interviews before hiring a new candidate in higher positions.

People who are already working with you have better knowledge about the company’s culture, and they can do better in boosting others’ morale. When you promote one of your employees, others also feel motivated, and they feel they can thrive in your company. Moreover, promotions are one of the best ways to make your employees feel valued and heard. So conduct internal interviews to improve relationships at work and business productivity. If your team is working remotely, you can conduct interviews through the video interview software.

  1. Take feedback frequently

Being a leader, you must be able to hear constructive criticism. When you ask your employees to give feedback, they can hesitate to share what they feel. Therefore, you need to make them comfortable and encourage them to say what they feel. Keep in mind that you have to leave your ego aside to listen to anything negative about the company. Make changes as per the received feedback, and show your employees that you are taking their concerns into consideration.

  1. Have multiple communication channels

If you really want to motivate your employees to share their thoughts, then you should provide multiple communication channels. One of the best ways to encourage your workers to share their views is by arranging workshops. Gather employees from different departments, and give them one topic to discuss. Pick a simple topic, such as challenges at the workplace, and see what your employees have to say about it. Sometimes employees’ views can give you some efficient and surprising ideas. This simple approach encourages everyone to perform in the debate.

Employers can also have an internal forum where employees can post their feedback anonymously. This can ensure that even shy employees are sharing their ideas. Make adjustments according to anonymous feedback, and make your workers feel listened to and motivated.

  1. Interact on a personal level

If any employee faces a problem in the workplace, the manager is the first person they want to talk to. But if managers hand off the issue to someone else, employees feel disrespected and betrayed. Being a manager, it is your responsibility to make your employees feel comfortable and listen to their problems. Have a conversation with your workers, and be all ears for them. Lack of communication is the top-most problem in many organizations that can make employees feel unheard and disrespected. Communicate on a personal level if needed to develop a positive work environment.

  1. Respond to employees’ concerns

Making sure that interaction is followed up is also a way of showing that employees are being heard. If your workers are voicing issues, don’t just ignore them. Address those concerns, and make changes accordingly. Pay attention while the employee is talking about any concern, and try not to cut conversations in between. These little acts can show employees that you are interested in listening to them.

In conclusion

Listening to your employees can expose some new ideas that you may have never thought of before. As a leader, make sure that everyone feels heard. Many studies have indicated that organizational success highly depends on the employees being heard. With these strategies, you can conveniently create a meaningful environment where employees feel comfortable voicing their concerns.


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