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Why is no air coming out of vents in one room?

Has this ever happened to you?

While sitting in a room, you turn on your HVAC heating and cooling system when you notice something strange. You see that there’s no air coming out of vents in one room, which means something is wrong. You will probably check why it is that and if any other room has the same problem.

Since the room has an airflow problem, the next step should be to fix it, but we must first see why this happened.

A common cause of little or no air from vents

To sort out the issue, there are few common causes for airflow restriction. Some of the reasons for airflow issues in ducts are as follows:

Damaged flex duct

As the name suggests, flex ducts are flexible ductwork that can get damaged relatively easily.restricted airflow is caused by the damaging nature of flex ducts. We know that flex ducts extend regular ductwork, however over time, they could damage easily.

A simple fix for this ductwork is changing it. But before any work, see if you have a flex duct installed. After that, check if anything is pinching or crushing it, resulting in airflow reduction.

Is our air duct securely connected or disconnected?

According to air duct cleaning in Norcross GA service, ductwork may get disconnected from the central duct. It usually happens between pipe sections, preventing any hot or cool air from your HVAC system to your rooms around the house.

Although anyone can fix this issue, it’s better if a professional does it. They will locate the source of the disconnected duct and adequately seal it so that no air escapes.

Air ducts with holes or leaky ducts

This one is relatively easy to find as all you need to see is if the airflow matches with other house rooms. Most of the time, a leaky duct reduces airflow to about 20 to 30 percent. It may not look much, but its effect reduces airflow significantly. The most common cause of this kind of damage is air ducts with holes or poorly connected ducts.
Although this is relatively easy to find, however fixing it could not be easy. According to HVAC Cleaning in Norcross GA service, calling a professional is the best way to repair the damage. Duct sealing by a professional is the best way instead of applying a DIY solution.

Are the dampers open or closed?

HVAC vent dampers are valves for your ducts that control airflow in your ductwork if you don’t know. Turning it on will let the air flow freely. On the other hand, a closed valve will result in restricting airflow.

Consider this, one should always keep dampers open. It helps your heating and cooling system breathe freely and maintain a specific temperature around the house. It is why you have to go and check the dampers of your heating and cooling system.

Other plausible causes

Occasionally there may be other issues that could result in loss of airflow in your ductwork. According to air duct Cleaning in Norcross GA services, certain things may result in airflow reduction. It includes an animal or bird making a nest there or your kid missing a stuffed toy. Or there could be someone stashing something in the vent that reduces airflow. There may be furniture blocking the vents.

To be more specific, here are few things you should check that could help:

It may sound pretty basic, but your AC might be off. Here, double-check the thermostat if AC is on and it’s turned to “cool” or “heat” setting depending on the temperature you want to set. If you still can’t understand as an HVAC technician for assistance.
Next, you can do again check the thermostat for temperature again. Usually, the difference is about 2 degrees. This way, heating, and cooling will remain the same throughout your home. Setting temperature higher or lower can also restrict airflow resulting in misdiagnosis of the issue.


HVAC cleaning in Norcross GA services suggests closing all windows and doors that lead outside before turning on your HVAC unit. Even opening one door or window will result in your HVAC system struggling to work, making you think airflow is disturbed.
A dirty or clogged filter may be a likely cause of no airflow. In this case, replacing the filter or cleaning it does wonder. If filters are not serviced on time, it could cause your HVAC unit’s coils to freeze over or have ice form on them. Turn off your system to replace or clean your unit’s filter. 
Another cause of little or no airflow means your HVAC system needs servicing or cleaning. There is a DIY for this, but it is better to let an expert handle it. They usually start by having your system and ductwork inspected and see if there’s some issue or damage before any cleaning or fixing.

How to Improve Airflow in a Single Room?

The simplest way to increase airflow in one room is simply closing the registers or vents entirely or partially. It forces more air to flow through the ducts into the rooms with fully open registers. Furthermore, as suggested above, no furniture or item blocks the registers. It is essential in case those registers are installed in-floor instead of the wall or ceiling.
So, did you notice that there’s no air coming out of the vents in one room? Has it been checked by a professional? Wait, you know what you need to do.

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