7 Solid Reasons Why You Should Prefer Sterling Silver Jewelry Over Gold

Jewelry symbolizes power, positivity, wealth, and status. People of the previous era introduced the trend of wearing silver jewelry way earlier. Still, silver jewels have been in the limelight in recent years because of their versatility, affordability, and malleability. Its shiny and neutral appearance goes with almost everything you wear. Custom silver jewelry has also been highly in demand in recent years. 

Before diving into why you should prefer silver accessories over gold, let’s revise some facts about silver. 

Silver is a metal that diffuses in any other alloy or metal seamlessly and flawlessly. Along with the jewelry industry, people use silver in manufacturing clothes, medicines, utensils, and furniture. Silver is in demand nowadays even more than gold because of the diversity in people’s preferences. Nowadays, people prefer to wear bold, ethnic, and offbeat tribal jewelry that jewelers can design ideally using silver. 

Following are the types of silver that jewelers use in the jewelry industry to make beautiful ornaments: 

  • Nickel silver
  • 925 silver
  • Sterling silver
  • Argentium silver 

Below are the seven compelling reasons why you should prefer silver over gold when it comes to jewelry.  

  • Trends

It is possible to keep up with unique designs and modern trends with the malleability and enormous options with silver. When it comes to gold, it does not favor all the jewelry designs that customers demand. Contrary to this, customers get more than what they require when it comes to silver. Custom silver jewelry has covered all the traditional designs as well as future trendy designs of ornaments. 

  • Health Benefits

Our elders have told us to feed newborns with a silver bowl and spoon at some point in our lives. It is because silver has properties that have healing capabilities and improve immunity physically and mentally. The health benefits of silver are the reason why the utilization of silver is not limited to ornaments. People are using silver for clothing, water, utensils, and medicines. The broad range of silver utilization is due to its medicinal properties. Unfortunately, all the medicinal properties are not there when it comes to silver. 

  • Designs 

Customization is crucial when it comes to customer demands. The variety of gold jewelry designs is good but not as broad as sterling silver jewelry. Every ornament design is not suitable for gold even after the application of much precision. Therefore, gold offers only limited options of customization. On the other hand, silver covers a wide range of custom jewelry, including precision and minute details. Therefore, jewelers can make the jewelry design according to customer preferences using only silver, not gold.  

  • Fashion

Fashion is crucial as it helps to tell a story to the world. As mentioned earlier, gold is limited only to a specific set of designs, and that set is not as huge as silver. On the other hand, silver ornaments cover a vast section of styles, patterns, and statements. The trend of wearing traditional, antique, and contemporary jewelry is evolving in recent times. Silver is the best metal when it comes to fulfilling ever-evolving customer demands. Jewelers can replicate every gold jewelry pattern in silver, allowing everyone to carry the shine, uniqueness, and charm of silver ornaments every day. The distinctive yet neutral look of silver makes it compatible with literally everything you wear. 

  • Safety 

People can keep their 925 silver jewelry in standard cases and carry its delicacy on an everyday basis. It is because silver is found widely and is much cheaper than gold when it comes to prices. On the other hand, gold is expensive, and it is out of people’s reach. So people who own gold jewelry have to take care of it more than usual. They have to keep their gold jewelry in highly secured places or lockers. 

  • Combinations 

The best factor of the attractive and neutral appearance of silver metal is people can customize their silver ornaments by combining them with precious gemstones such as amethyst, ruby, emerald, etc. Nonetheless, silver is the best preference in combining with any other superior stones,  metals, or gems because of its color and ability to mold in different sizes and shapes.   

  • Versatility 

Silver is a highly versatile metal. It looks good with every clothing and astrological stone. Silver portrays the attractive and bold side of the person regardless of his skin type and color. People wear gold selectively, whereas people can wear sterling silver jewelry with their everyday look and wedding occasions. The versatility of silver allows infusing it in gold and other metals to form the third metal to add a dual vintage look to your profile. 


All the exact reasons mentioned above depict that sterling silver fashion jewelry is the best option over gold. However, there still exists one problem, along with all the positive facts and features mentioned above. All sterling silver owners face one issue: it tarnishes with time, especially if they don’t wear it and store it in a box for an extended period. The solution to this problem is that the owner of silver jewelry should wear it more frequently. This way, the color of the metal will not change, and it will not turn black. In addition, the oil secreted from our skin prevents ornaments from tarnish and is beneficial to maintain the shine of silver ornaments. 

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