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7 Free Video to Audio Converter Tools

Yes, you heard right and here we will discuss 7 free video to audio converter tools to convert youtube videos to mp3 audio format. This converter audio file you can use offline on your device whenever you want to listen to music. Basically, we all listen to music from the youtube app or website but sometimes we do not have an internet connection and youtube does not provide a download button so if you want to listen to audio in an offline mode then you need a converter that we provide here.


YTmp3 is a free video to audio converter that uses to convert youtube videos into mp3 or mp4 format. Using this ytmp3 tool you can convert and download unlimited youtube videos at high-speed. Availability of this tool in different languages so people around the world can easily use and access it. Navigation and user interface are easy to understand that user wants. While converting youtube videos you can select conversion format between mp3 and mp4.

Download Process:

  1. First, you have open youtube on your mobile or pc device
  2. Then search your favourite video song name
  3. After copy the video URL 
  4. Open website 
  5. Paste the video link in the input box 
  6. Select conversion format between mp3 & mp4
  7. Click on the convert button for the conversion process
  8. After completing the conversion process click on the download button to download the conversion file
  9. Open file from respected app


In this section of the 7 free video to audio converter tools article, we discuss about freedsound tool. Freedsound is a multilanguage-supported tool which you can use to convert videos into mp3 and mp4 format. The conversion process is very fast and simple like first you have to search video name in the in-built search box then select a result from the given list after that choose conversion format and click on that and after the conversion download process started. 

Yadgar is a website which offers a free video to audio converter on smartphones, pc and laptop devices. This website has an in-built search box option so users can easily search any video name in the search box. Thousands of users already use this tool to convert video into audio format fast speed. Simple attractive design attracts more users to use the website. Yadgar website is available in three different languages. 


If you are searching for the best free video to audio converter then use tool because it’s the best video downloader. Without any limitation, users can convert video to audio files. Yt1s is also supports different languages. Using this tool you can paste a video link either you can search the video name using the in-built search option. This tool is 100% safe and secure for youtube video conversion. Convert videos into different formats like mp4, mp3, m4a, 3gp, and WebM. 


Using this tool you can easily download converted video in multiple formats like mp3, mp4, AVI, WMV, or others. First select video from any website then converts in byclickdownloader site after downloading video on your system. With this tool, you also can measure the quality of video and audio. This tool also supports multiple languages so people can easily access this tool anywhere they want.

Loader.To – Youtube Video Converter Tool for PC

Another tool is a loader that easily converts your youtube videos into multiple formats like in audio format mp3, m4a, WebM, aac, FLAC, opus, Ogg, Wav, and in video format mp4 and WebM with different qualities. This tool you can use from any device and convert video in just a few seconds only. You can convert unlimited video using this loader tool free of cost. Free to use and secure which does not get user private data.


The last tool we provide in this free video to audio converter article is which is available in 20+ different languages. A simple process of downloading like searching video file name using the search option and then clicking on one result after the results list opens after this you have to select a video or audio conversion format with different quality. Then click on the download button to start the conversion process and after the complete conversion process converted file is automatically downloaded it to your device.

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