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19 Tips to Increase Instagram Engagement

It is said that engagement, which is measured by comments, likes, and shares from consumers, is at an all-time high of 4.21%. This is 10 times more than Facebook, 54x higher than Pinterest and 84x higher than Twitter.

In addition to these impressive top line numbers, there are challenges that indicate Instagram’s marketing potential is diminishing due to reduced engagement rates, new challengers like TikTok, and increased competition.

Proactive marketers are looking for ways to increase engagement on Instagram despite setbacks. These 19 tips will help you ensure that your organic and paid marketing campaigns are successful. They also provide a way to protect your Instagram marketing strategies in the future. Let’s get started.

1. Post regularly

To attract followers and increase engagement rates, brands need to be active. But how active?

Studies show that 1-2 posts per day is the ideal frequency. Your feed will stay fresh and relevant and your content will be more popular. It is important to know the best time for you to post on Instagram, especially with Instagram’s algorithmic timeline.

2. Do not preach, tell stories

Instagram is saturated with poor brand messaging, forgetting that it is supposed to be an ‘inspiration platform’.

You must engage audiences with images, video and text, not just by preaching marketing messages at them.

You can increase engagement rates by becoming a storyteller, instead of posting’micro-stories,’ through your captions, videos and Instagram stories.

Stories are a way for people to connect. People will share your content with their friends and family if they feel an emotional connection. An digital marketing company in Navi Mumbai is the best choice to help you increase Instagram engagement of your business.

Sharing user-generated content that is compatible with your brand’s Instagram strategy can help you add elements of storytelling to your strategy. You can also tell a story through your captions.

Brands that use longer captions and include elements of authenticity and storytelling are more powerful as they can appear more human and make deeper connections with their target market.

Wordy captions can stop scrollers from skipping and increase their time looking at your posts.

Long captions are a popular trend. They were first used by Instagram micro-blogs users who first started using them.

3. Create a strong brand

Companies looking to increase brand awareness via Instagram need clarity, creativity, and consistency. A chaotic, random approach is not the best way to build brand awareness on Instagram.

Focus on the core areas such as presenting yourself, creating style patterns to keep your images looking fresh and mastering hashtag usage. To build engagement and loyalty, you should be engaging with your followers regularly.

You can make sure your brand is consistent and positive by mapping your processes and best practices for Instagram.

4. Keep your Instagram feed visually consistent

Instagram is a visual-driven platform that rewards visually pleasing content. Although it is becoming less fashionable to post glossy photos on Instagram, the core of Instagram is visual content.

Users today gravitate to authentic expression and different perspectives.

Visually, avocado toasts perfectly placed and high-saturation filters have been replaced by candid shots and muted earth tones.

The popular look of reducing highlights and increasing brightness in photos is to do so without touching the colors too much. This creates a natural look. You can even choose a no edit.

5. Select the best hashtags

The best hashtags can make a difference in whether your posts appear at the top of the feed or are ignored.

If your hashtags are too generic, such as #christmas or @fashion, your post could be overtaken by millions. Use a mixture of industry-specific and trending hashtags to find the best way to connect with your followers.

Research each hashtag to get the best results. If your content matches the top-performing posts, then you have a winning hashtag.

6. Concentrate on user-generated content

Marketers have found the ultimate solution in user-generated content via Instagram which will increase engagement. This allows your followers to get more involved with the brand and reduce marketing costs.

The campaign used short clips of users to tap into the humor and emotions of daily life. These were then combined into a video clip that explains what prosperity means for its customers.

7. Check out the entire range of Instagram video formats

While a picture is worth 1000 words, a video is worth 1.8 million.

Even though Shakespeare fans might disagree with this stat, it is not impossible to see the popularity and efficacy of online video content. Instagram is aware of this and provides a variety of video options for marketers.

You can use Instagram Stories to combine videos into one ad or standalone 60-second videos that are ideal for long-form features.

8. Closed captions and subtitles for Instagram videos

Instagram reports that 60% of stories were viewed with sound off… and 40% without sound.

Video is now the dominant online medium. Many users don’t want audio enabled when watching videos. Subtitles are essential for marketers as they allow core messages to be displayed on-screen with visuals.

9. Get Instagram Reels activated

Have you used Instagram Reels yet? This feature, which has been around since last year, is hugely popular on Instagram. This video feature is a clone from TikTok’s videos and allows your brand to engage with the community in brief clips of up to 30 seconds.

You can use the app to create and add effects and music to your Instagram video.

10. Embrace Instagram AR filters

Instagram’s Spark AR Studio made it possible to create AR filters. AR has been a huge success since then. Some of the most popular filters have received well over 1,000,000 views .

AR filters are still very popular with younger users. However, many brands are now producing their own AR filters.

11. Make the most of Instagram’s video ads

75% of Instagrammers claim that they take actions after being inspired by a post. It is important to be familiar with the various advertisement formats available on Instagram. Instagram video formats, while still a strong platform feature, are becoming a more valuable tool to target a specific audience.

There are three main video formats that Instagram offers to help you create Instagram ads. Single video ads allow you to create 60 second commercials. Carousels give you more space for your message by allowing followers to swipe up for more images or videos. Instagram Stories allows you to display images and videos vertically on a full-screen screen.

12. GIFs are worth a try

Research shows that more people view videos with 15 second or less. Marketing departments should learn how to create and post GIFs.

13. Increase website traffic by using Instagram traffic

With Instagram allowing you to place a clickable link in your bio, your traffic to your site can be increased.

To maximize the value of your link, offer special deals and promotions that encourage people to click through. Strong calls to action should be combined with your URL in a text overlay for any images or videos.

14. To ‘win’ Instagram, use SEO

Although Instagram and SEO may not seem like the most obvious of companions, creating an SEO strategy to your Instagram account is crucial on this increasingly competitive platform.

Your account name appears below your profile photo and should reflect your industry and account handle. Instagram searches for words and emojis using your account name.

15. To create brand authenticity, partner with micro-influencers

Influencer marketing on Instagram has grown in importance. This allows marketers to collaborate with thought leaders in their industry and push brand messaging to a wider audience.

Influencers are often seen as independent, so aligning your brand to their authoritative voice can give your messaging authenticity.

16. Organize an Instagram contest

Instagram contests can be a powerful tool for engagement, driving more engagement than regular posts.

The giveaway is a very popular contest on Instagram. The giveaway is a contest that gives away a product/service. Users can enter by following your account and liking the post. This can be a great way to increase brand awareness and engagement if the giveaway is done well.

17. Convert Instagram followers into email subscribers

Email is still the best channel to build deep customer relationships.

Brands strive to convert Instagram followers to email subscribers through three steps that are proven to be effective in Instagram marketing for email.

18. All places can have CTAs

Your Instagram ads may be loved by your followers, but make sure they lead somewhere with a strong Instagram call to action.

CTAs may be added to your profile, images or caption copy. However, it is best to use the official CTA buttons available on Instagram for enterprises to increase interaction and push followers in a specific direction.

19. Learn from the best Instagram content

You can learn the formula for content that will increase your Instagram engagement and use it to improve your Instagram marketing strategy. You can do this in many ways, including identifying the most powerful hashtags and visual styles, or learning when to post.

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