10 Best Places for Trekking in Thailand

Thailand is a country located in Southeast Asia. Known for its tropical beaches lavish royal places, prehistoric ruins, and embellished Buddha temples that showcase alluring figurines of Lord Buddha. The capital city of Bangkok holds awe-inspiring temples of Wat Pho, Wat Arun, and the Emerald Buddha temple. Thailand is a suitable region for trekking. The topography with immaculate rainforests and hazed mountains makes it favorable for trekking as well as mandatory for tourists to experience and explore trekking in the region. There is a multitudinous range of trails to choose from. From beginner to aced trekker, Thailand has the gamut of trekking exploration with assorted difficulty levels. Trekking introduced opportunities for people to explore the remote, pristine hill tribes of the civilization helped by the local guides.

   For further details check out Thailand packages. Mentioned below are the top 10 best places to visit Thailand for trekking.

  • Chiang Rai
  • Chiang Mai
  • Mae Sariang
  • Pai
  • Phu Lang Ka 
  • Chiang Dao Trek
  • Soppong
  • Mae Salong 
  • Kamphaeng Phet 
  • Doi Inthanon

Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai is located in the Northern part of Thailand. Extensively well-known for its rich cultural heritage. It is the epitome approach for the tourists looking for pleasing treks for the vacation. Lum Nam Kok National Park possesses an extremely famous trail in the realm that embark close to the Kok river and leads to Doi Chang. It showcases the perfect fusion of mountain climbing and forest adventures. Doi Mae Salong and Doi Phatang treks make Chiang Rai an attraction for trekking fanatics. Some trekking trails in the region engulf some suburbs inhabited by the hill tribes, which makes it an ideal combination of cultural exploration and trill. Recommended time to trek in the region is from October to February as it accentuates a cool and dry climate. It is one of the best places to visit Thailand.

Chiang Mai

The trails of Chiang Mai dominion are the exceptional choice to traverse for beginner trekkers. Having sublime forest cover, beautiful valleys, and diverse tribal villages with a manifold of tribal minorities, Maetang and Chiangdao are the prominent regions. In the southwest, lies the tallest mountain of the country, The Doi Inthanon.  

Famous treks in Chiang Mai:

  •  Baan Pha Dang Trek
  • Muang Kurt to Huay Kukap Trek
  • Lisu Tribe Trek

 Mae Sariang

Mae Sariang aka a hidden town located in the Northern region of Thailand. It is gaining fame among the trekkers who desire to have peace and tranquility. Enchanting waterfalls, timbered hills, small villages, and rice fields can be observed and experienced the trek in the region. One can transverse the local tribe culture and food in the company of the local people.


Pai also named as backpackers delight us located in Mae Hong Son Province of Thailand’s northern region. Embedded in the mountains and bordered by waterfalls and miraculous hiking trails, there are enough things to see and experience. One can hike from the town to the waterfalls, rove through the farms and rice terraces, see the Tham Lod caves and beautiful sunsets. 

Phu Lang Ka

National Park with an extended trail of 12 km leads the way to Phu Lang Ka village, with an enormous stretch of forested valleys and plains. It is declared as one of the most breathtaking Thailand trekking trails. Phu Lang Ka alighted at an elevation of 1716 meters, in order to reach there, you have to walk via innumerable waterfalls and flushed fresh vegetation. For amateur trekkers looking for some adventure. 

Chiang Dao

     Chiang Dao boasts a different atmosphere and vibe of trekking in the region. While hiking up in the mountains, move through fresh tea plantations at an elevated land. Moving forward, meet forest cover, bisecting trails, bracing rivers, and a small village in the middle of lofty trees. 


Soppong is a quintessential destination to satiate not only in trekking but also to get access to cave exploration and kayaking. Exploration of jungles, meadows, rice fields, fantastical blue sky, and interaction with the local ethnic tribes. Soppong is primarily known for its caves and, the most famous among all is Tham Lot.

Mae Salong

Mae Salong also known as Dao Mae Salong, the town in the past was known for the Opium trade. Now it is well-known for its tea plantations in Northern Thailand.  Also, with diverse mountainous countryside, having the hill tribe villages like Akha, Hmong, and Shan. Mae Salong is amazing for trekking. Other things to do in Mae Salong include motorbiking, roving on the tea plantations, visiting the museum which is dedicated to the native settlers, and many more veiled adventures to discover.

Kamphaeng Phet 

Kamphaeng Phet is a city with ancient influence to it, having national parks, sky-scraping mountains, and heavy forests. All these factors made Kamphaeng Phet a perfect spot for trekking.  Holding one of the highest peaks of Thailand, Mae Wong, hiking is a great activity to practice. Kamphaeng National Historical Park is an astonishing archeological site enriched with ruins of ancient temples.

Doi Inthanon

A trail to Doi Inthanon moves through the beautiful waterfalls, marvelous mountains virgin forests, amazing bird sightings. It is situated at a height of 2565 meters above sea level and is known as the highest mountain in Thailand. Experience meeting the Karen tribe, visiting alluring coffee plantations, and much more to explore. 

In Thailand make your journey worth remembering, and explore the best places to visit Thailand for a better experience each visit. 

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