How Schools Can Use the WhatsApp Chatbot for E-learning?

In the era of the developing world. The role and importance of technology are like food and water to human beings. It becomes very difficult to adapt to the constantly changing environment across all the sectors in the entire world without increasing the bond with technology on a regular basis. The sector of education especially has experienced a vast and tremendous development in terms of management of schools, colleges, and other educational institutions as well.

What is Whatapp Chatbot integration?

All the sectors of the educational world including smart management and maintenance of schools, adapting to highly advanced disciplinary and security systems, changing the methods of online as well as offline education, and also strengthening the employee management and payroll processes.

When we talk about the smart operations of schools and educational institutions. The major process that comes into focus is the academics and the quality of education that is being imparted. To improve the methods of education or to make the academic process smarter, especially during these tough Covid times. It is very important to strengthen the E-Learning mode for all educational institutions.

The smartest option possible with WhatsApp is also the creation of WhatsApp chatbots for online learning which includes the WhatsApp integration of the campus management portal that the school or other institute uses.

Some of the key methods of Using smart WhatsApp chatbots for the process of online learning are as given below:

Creating a WhatsApp business account:

Schools increase their volume of messages to a significant level in order to gain a properly verified account on Facebook. They can also receive appreciation certificates from the Facebook side which can make a big difference in their personal branding as well.

Building proper Chatbots and designing a proper flow:

It is very important to design proper chatbots and a proper flowchart for them in order to achieve this. It needs to be properly integrated with the existing ERP, CRM, and all the other support systems. Also, constant efforts should be put into constant up-gradation of the bot and add all the necessary changes as per the requirements. Hence proper coordination is always required between the testing team and technology to make the best possible Chatbot.

Proper maintenance and Correction:

After the design of successful Chatbots through WhatsApp integration. It becomes very important to properly manage it and keep correcting and updating it. Schools can take continuous feedback on a regular basis from students in order to seek improvement scope.

1. Create Easy triggers: You can create easy triggers at all touchpoints and paste them at various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or the website of the organization. This can actually help to create some of the best WhatsApp Chatbot for education.

2. Make it funny: Having funny and light content in the WhatsApp chatbots for education make them very interesting for the students as they always find something to laugh at and hence it does not make it difficult for students to study in e-learning mode.

3. Collection of regular feedback:

It is very important as mentioned earlier to have a responsive feedback system in a WhatsApp chatbot for education as it can help in the active and intense participation of the students in e-learning.

4. Assigning of grades to students:

You can keep a grading system for the students based on their regularity in attending e-learning-based lectures. This indirectly helps to increase participation and grows the interest level of students.

5. Having proper availability of Support:

An ideal WhatsApp Chatbot used for e-learning should have all the proper options for providing support for e-learning.

Thus, based on all of the above strategies, schools and other educational institutes can successfully establish WhatsApp chatbots for e-learning. When selecting WhatsApp integration, it hence becomes very important to have a check on the other ERP features. The integration of WhatsApp and its quality highly depends upon the features and stability of the ERP.

Talking about one of the best WhatsApp integration possible for educational purpose, Vidyalaya School software is one of the leading WhatsApp integration and school management software provider which has multiple features in terms of separate modules which covers all the bases of proper school management.


Thus, after referring to all the above-mentioned points, we can straight away think about the WhatsApp Chatbot for educational purposes and come to a conclusion about the importance of WhatsApp integration in the present era. The facility of WhatsApp chatbot for education becomes a very necessary feature for schools, colleges, and as well.

When we talk about the present era especially, in these tough Covid times. The importance of e-learning has increased even more and for the schools to conduct smooth academic processes. The importance of the WhatsApp chatbot increases even further. Even from the future perspective, schools will have to shift towards e-learning someday and there can be nothing better than a WhatsApp Chatbot system.

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