Writing Fiction: 5 Fun Tips and Tricks to Immerse Your Audience 

 15% of people who like to read say they enjoy the pleasures of escaping reality. This means that many people are avid fiction readers! 

Maybe you’d like to try your hand at writing fiction or have already been putting pen to paper. But you want to become a better fiction writer and possibly write the next bestseller. 

But writing fiction is no easy feat; not every piece of work will be noticed.  

Here are 5 fun tips and tricks you can use to improve your fiction writing techniques! 

  1. Consider All 5 Senses

All too often, authors concern themselves with describing everything their audience should see. But don’t forget about the other senses too! 

For example, talk about how a hot cup of coffee feels between the character’s hands, or how beautiful flowers smell in a field. The more senses, the more immersive it’ll be. 

  1. Incorporate Figurative Language

Figurative language and literary devices will instantly add spice to your writing, we promise! These things can help bring life to the things you’re describing, especially when you involve the 5 senses too. 

With onomatopoeia, you’ll make the reader feel like they’re riding in the car with the character. Or with a hyperbole, you can make them feel how awful the character’s feeling. There are but a few examples too! 

  1. Use Symbolism

Symbolism is a powerful tool you can use in any type of writing, but especially fiction. This can give your writing a deeper meaning and help readers connect with certain characters and situations. 

It can also be a fun way to facilitate discussions about hidden/secret meanings sprinkled throughout your book. Only true fans will pick up on those subtle hints! 

  1. Do Plenty of Research

The best way to immerse your readers is to be accurate. For example, if you’re writing a period piece, you don’t want anachronisms in them. Or if you’re writing a science fiction story, you don’t want glaring errors with your science! 

Here’s a useful guide to start with if you want to brush up. Readers can tell if you know your stuff, and they’ll be impressed when they realize that you do! 

  1. Get Into Your Characters’ Minds

It can be good to sit and brainstorm how your characters feel. Think about their personalities, histories, quirks, etc.; don’t just write these things down and try to force them in your writing. 

When you can put yourself in your characters’ shoes, then it’ll be easier to have your thoughts flow! 

Have Fun Writing Fiction 

Writing fiction will be a lot of fun when you employ these tips. More importantly, you’ll create pieces of work that people won’t be able to put down once they pick them up! 

So we wish you luck in your endeavor to write fiction. Maybe you’ll be a well-known author in the near future! 

Now that you know how to write fiction effectively, why not check out the rest of our blog page for more writing tips? 

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