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Which One is Best: Chest Freezer or Upright Freezer?

Buying an appliance for your business or domestic use is a tricky decision. The purchase can become an intimidating task with the price tags, delivery, and installation cost. And after all the hassle, what if you do not like the appliance. It can also happen that the equipment is not appropriate for your needs. All your troubles will be useless if you buy the gadget without research. Know that it is a must-have to study all alternatives of the needed equipment before purchase. A freezer is a must-have appliance you need for your home or any food-related business. But with the unlimited choices of the freezer, anyone can become confused.

There are many features to look for besides the color scheme and the style of the freezer. Having a clear idea of your requirements can make the selection process effortless. There are several types of freezers available to select. These will range from portable freezers to a vestfrost chest freezer. But both chest freezers and upright freezers are popular in homes and businesses. Both of these are different from each other in terms of style and other features. Upright freezers are also known as standup freezers because of their vertical structure. On the other side, chest freezers lay horizontally and contain more space.

Chest freezers vs. upright freezers  

To find yourself a suitable appliance, you have to conduct a comparison. In this blog, we are enlisting the pros and cons of both chest freezers and upright freezers. You can read the below points to know which one to use according to your requirement. 

Pros and cons of chest freezers 

Below is a comparison of both chest freezer and upright freezer. These points will tell you which one is best for your use.

Storage capacity 

One of the best things about investing in chest freezers is the sizeable capacity of the chest freezer. A chest freezer is best suited if you need an enormous space for keeping food items. In this freezer, you can pile up things. But this spacious space can also be complicated if you need to find a small pack. You need to search and rearrange all items in the chest freezer to find a small food item. You can invest in a chest freezer if you want to store large packages in the freezer. Not having shelves in the freezer will be easy to fit large items.

Upright freezers have less storage capacity as compared to chest freezers. An upright freezer is more beneficial for storing all items organized and in separate containers. The compartments and shelving in the freezer will help you keep all the food items in their places. Upright freezers are a more convenient option because of providing better organizational space. 

Price range

A chest freezer is a less costly option than an upright freezer. A chest freezer is more economical if you want a budget-effective solution.

Upright freezers are expensive as compared to chest freezers. You will pay approximately 10 to 15 percent extra value if you want an upright freezer. The additional price will benefit you with improved storage and the capacity of an upright freezer.

Energy-efficient solution 

In terms of saving energy, chest freezers are a more appropriate choice. These freezers are affordable to run and do not consume more units of electricity. But you have to defrost your freezer manually. Besides, the chest freezer has a locking seal on the doors. It will help to contain the cold air within the freezer. These locks will also help you maintain the inside temperature. The chest freezer can keep the food items chilled for up to two days if the power goes out.

An upright freezer will consume more energy because of the auto-defrost feature. The auto-defrost system will consume more electricity, but it is worth it. You need to invest in an upright freezer if you want convenience.

Floor space 

Your chest freezer will also take up a mighty space on the floor because of being an appliance to store sizeable food items. The horizontal layout is also the reason for taking up more space.

On the contrary, your upright freezer will not take up extra floor space. It is best for the place where you do not have extra space for the freezer. The slim design of the freezer is feasible for small spaces.

Freezer burn 

In the chest freezer, there is no auto-defrost feature which means food items will not get freezer burn if left unattended for a long time. Moreover, air does not circulate in the chest freezer.

The temperature will not be not consistent in an upright freezer which makes the food items prone to freezer burn.

The final verdict

Both freezers are appropriate for homes and businesses. The selection will depend upon your requirement, cost, and usage.

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