Why The Snapchat Generation Is Championing Realness

It’s been a roller coaster ride the past two years, but that hasn’t changed who the Snapchat Generation, aka 332M Daily Active Snapchatters, is. This generation, mainly Gen Z, is focused on well-being, prioritizing relationships, and having fun. They know what’s really important, and it’s those values that influence how they interact with their friends, community and brands.
To foster these priorities and values, this generation is turning to a place where people are free to live in the moment and be themselves — Snapchat. In fact, according to our latest research, Snapchat is the #1 platform where people enjoy sharing what life is actually like.


When it comes to self-expression and championing realness, Snapchatters are at the center of a growing desire for authenticity in society at large, which is driving changes to our methods of digital communication.
In fact, countries like Norway, Saudi Arabia, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States are seeing at least 90% of Snapchatters head to the app to share some of their biggest moments.

Jo Tenzer, Head of Marketing Insights, EMEA at Snap believes the word “authenticity” is more than just a buzzword in the UK. “Snapchat is a platform that is focused on real friends, genuine experiences, and technology that augments authentic real life moments,” says Tenzer.

Snapchat Research

“Our recent research found that 94% of our UK community enjoy sharing and celebrating moments in their life on Snapchat and this is because, for Snapchatters, authenticity is more than just a buzzword, it’s a value that they hold high, and a sign of living life honestly and openly.”

The move to celebrate and share life moments on Snapchat follows the need to actively seek out and build positive spaces. “Snapchat provides a platform for everyone to express who they truly are,” says Ankita, a Snapchatter from India.

Snapchatters in Saudi Arabia

98% of Snapchatters to be exact, are turning to the app not just to showcase the most perfect moments in their lives but they’re also looking to the app to express moments going on in real time.
“We have seen Saudi Arabia open up and provide more personal liberties, and the youth are at the forefront of this movement.
This is redefining how they communicate and express themselves. More than ever, they now have the opportunity to share with the world their authentic selves, be true to who they are and celebrate moments that matter to them in ways that weren’t possible before,” says Dina Al Sabbagh, Marketing Insights Lead for MENA.
“The fact that they do all this on Snapchat is proof of how aligned and relevant they consider the platform to their lifestyle.”

Snapchat Profile

Even if Snapchatters aren’t having the best day and need a lift in their day, the Snapchat app has been seen as a resource to foster that positivity that they’re searching for. Snapchat is an outlet for Snapchatters to not only get real about their feelings but where they can retreat and find comfort.
“With the help of public profile on  Snapchat you can put on a silly filter/lens and send it to your friends and all laugh, which is very good for your mental health. It’s also a place you could share with a friend that you’re struggling,” says Derek Baird, Kids & Teen Content, Culture Strategist.
As Snapchat has seemingly become a reprieve from impossibly high standards and meticulously curated content, brands need to not only accept Snapchatters for who they are but remember if they want to be a part of the conversation, they’ll need to consider ways to embed themselves seamlessly into this generation’s everyday conversations.

Take a look at what’s happening in Sweden

“61% of Snapchatters agree that the Snapchat camera is like their personal mirror and they are engaging with beauty brands such as Lyko or H&M using AR to try on beauty products,” says Roxane Panopoulos, Snap Marketing Science Leader for Benelux & the Nordics.6 This is a perfect example of knowing what Snapchatters are looking for.

For brands to truly show up and resonate with the Snapchat Generation, brands will need to align with their values but also help this generation speak to those values.

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Close Connections

When Snapchatters come to the app, they come for their friends. It’s a major reason why they see the app as a positive environment.
In France, 3 in 4 French Snapchatters have revealed that connecting with close friends is the simplest way to feel happier. “Our community values even more than before their relationships and make them a priority in their life,” says Cecilia Blivet Di Marco, Snap Marketing Insights Lead in France. “They understand the power of visual communication and are leading the way of its creative revolution through the Snapchat Camera.”
Through the app, not only are Snapchatters able to build stronger relationships with their friends but they’re also able to connect in ways that are both creative and convenient. From emojis and stickers to photos and videos, visual communication is king.


And while some might think it’s just because it’s faster and more convenient, for the majority, it comes down to the simple fact that visual messages are a much more personal and expressive way of communicating.7
To this generation, a single image can share so much more context about what’s going on in their lives compared to a standalone text message.
“Sending a good friend a Snap is like telling them: Hey I just thought of you at this moment and wanted to share that with you,” says Moritz, a Snapchatter from Germany.

Snapchat Photo

And when a photo isn’t enough, that’s when filters/lenses, stickers, emojis and, of course, text layered on top of their photo can add additional color to their story. Remember, this is a generation that grew up amid a technology revolution and they are taking full advantage.
In countries like the US, Germany, France, Sweden, Canada and Norway, at least 95% of Snapchatters have leveraged some form of visual communication when messaging friends.

The Snapchat Generation wants brands to be real with them. Are you ready for that?

With desire for transparency, the Snapchat Generation is looking for brands who can meet them where they are in a truly authentic way. That means creating content that shows that you understand them, support them, and that your values align with theirs. Find out how to connect with the Snapchat Generation, especially with Gen Z.

The Snapchat Generation 2022

This report helps advertisers and marketers gain a better understanding of what makes our audience and platform unique. Inside the report, you’ll find highlights on how the Snapchat Generation is redefining the shopping experience, seeking to build better connections with brands, and sharing every moment along the way.
Want to find out more about the Snapchat Generation and Gen Z? Our next post will highlight how they’re changing social commerce.

Interested in the nitty gritty? Here are the details behind the report: 

The Snapchat Generation report, a Snap Inc. and Crowd DNA collaboration, examines the behaviors and values of Daily Snapchatters aged 13+, in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and the United States.
Snap Inc. and Crowd DNA surveyed over 19,000 people, interviewed youth experts, and followed leading-edge members of the Snapchat Generation in a weeklong mobile ethnography to better understand what matters most to them.
The Snapchat Generation is redefining the shopping experience, seeking to build better connections with brands, and sharing every moment along the way. Snapchat is where consumers turn to share their joy.

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