Why Do You Need Rat Removal Services?

Rat Removal Services

Rats are one of the most common reasons for house fires. They can carry disease and cause major infestation problems in your home, which is why you don’t want them anywhere near it! A professional rat removal service is all that you need.

How Many Fires Do Roof Rats

The Fire Administration of the Department of Homeland Security reports that house fires occur every 79 seconds. There are usually about 50,000 – 60 thousand residential fire department responses each year which receive reports from only half the actual number happening annually; this means there could be double those averages (or more) when we factor in unknown cause categories like plumbing or electric malfunctions as well!

Infestations Are Pervasive

The average person in the United States is likely to have at least one mouse or rat pest, but many people deal with multiple pests. Rodents make up more than one-third of known kinds of mammals – they’re not only abundant; their presence can be felt all around you! For example: there’s an estimated 1 billion dollar industry dedicated solely towards controlling these creatures’ populations.

Rats Love To Chew Electrical Wires

Rats and mice love to chew on wires because it makes their teeth grow. The wiring in old cars is especially attractive, but they may also gnaw at newer vehicles if the opportunity arises. A new type of plastic called soy-based bioplastics has been used for insulation purposes inside your vehicle’s electrical system – this could be why these vermin have taken an interest!

Rats Cause Electric Wires

As roof rats or Norway rats chew the electrical wiring in your home, it becomes very hot. The exposed wires touch flammable material like wood in an attic and ignite fires all by themselves without causing any other form of damage!

Signs Of Rodents Chewing Wires

  • Hearing scurrying or scratching sounds in attic lately
  • Lights in your house are flickering for no discernible reason, and it’s driving you crazy
  • Evidence of a rat infestation is something you can often find

How Rodents Enter Your Home

The evidence of a rat infestation is something you can often find. Their tracks will leave behind a distinct pattern in order to identify where they have been going, and if there are any signs that point towards them being inside your home or not. Urine might also give off clues about what these pests think by leaving behind little smelly messages like “I’m here!”

Different Ways That Rats Can Enter Your Home:
  1. A home’s exterior can have many different kinds of vulnerabilities that threaten it. Holes in the roof, broken windows and doors as well as missing insulation are just some examples on how neglectful homeowners might make their homes more susceptible to potential disasters like fires or earthquakes
  2. The gaps around utility pipes, dryer vents and electrical conduit can allow pests to enter your home.
  3. First floor gaps in doors or windows can be a dangerous invite for all sorts of insects, allowing them access into your home.
  4. Garbage Chutes
  5. Any crack or crevice in your home exterior that is larger than a quarter-inch wide.
Inspect Your Home

A rat’s natural habitat is a sewer, so they’re not exactly known for being clean animals. If you see droppings anywhere in your house and suspect there are rats present (or even just urine scent), be on alert! They will travel along the perimeter of any building or room to follow other rats’ scents – this way it can smell like home again when these critters leave their colony somewhere else entirely.

Prevent Rats From Invading Home
  • Patch all holes and crevices in the exterior of the home.
  • Clean up all vegetation and shrubbery to take away places to hide.
  • Keep trash cans and pet food tightly covered.
  • Trim trees away from the house.
  • Feed pets only what they need, don’t leave extra in food bowls.
  • Take away bird baths, shallow pools of water, or other water sources.

If you are in need of professional help ridding your home or property of a rodent infestation call an expert animal removal company that will help you to get rid of rodents, mice and squirrels from your home.

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