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What you need to Get Medical Marijuana in Maryland?

The process of getting medical marijuana in Maryland has now become faster and easy because the state allows patients with chronic illnesses to apply for the card. However, recreational cannabis is still illegal. The establishment of the medical marijuana program was approved in 2014, but the state delayed this program for two to three years. In December 2017, the program finally started to operate. Over 8000 people applied for the card in a year, but the numbers continued to rise. The state also discriminated against the possession of 10 grams or less of medicine. The state still does not allow the use of recreational marijuana for adults, but the referendum might occur in 2022. You will only get medical marijuana using a medical marijuana card you need to learn how to obtain in Maryland. The following are some of the steps on how to get medical marijuana in Maryland.

Before 2019 January first, you only needed a patient id card and a government to access medical marijuana. However, all of this changed, and the MMCC decided that all patients required a medical marijuana card at the time of their registration. By 2019 April, the government decided that everyone needed to use their medical marijuana cards to buy the products at nearby dispensaries.

Put Together all Your Details

Before you start registering with the MMCC, you need some specific details, and these include;

  • The state will also accept IDs like military ID, motor vehicle administration ID card, or a driver’s license.

· You also need to prove that you reside in Maryland. You will offer two documents that include a utility bill, property tax bill, a bank account statement, or your car insurance policy.

· The state will also require you to offer a clear copy of a photo not older than six months. If you are a hospice patient, make sure to get a letter from the attending of hospice on record instead of a recent photo.

Register with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission

After getting all the required details, you can now go to the MMCC official website and create an account. You will have to answer a few simple questions. These questions include your age and if you are in hospice care. You are not required to give any medical records at this point. After completing and submitting your application form, the state will send you an email to verify your application. Ensure that you click on the link to know if your application was verified. You also need to note that this registration lasts for two years, then you can go ahead and renew it.

Wait for Your Medical Cannabis Card

The third step on how to get medical marijuana in Maryland is playing the waiting game. The MMCC needs to review your application, and so you need to wait for 45 days. Some people, however, get a follow-up email in five days. If you do not get this email within the timeline, you can text or call them for inquiries. The best option is to call them because you will get the fastest response.

Choose an MMCC Registered Doctor Who Will Offer You a Certification

The follow-up email that the MMCC sends has a patient ID number. You will visit a Maryland medical cannabis doctor to get a valid written certification to buy the medicinal. If your family doctor is not registered with the MMCC, you cannot use them. But you will find many qualified medical marijuana doctors to choose from online. One thing you need to have is the bonafide doctor-patient relationship. But it is not hard to find a registered physician who will offer you the written certification you need.

Get the Cannabis at a Nearby Dispensary

After you have received the certificate from the physician, you can now visit a licensed dispensary, and here you can purchase medical marijuana. When buying these marijuana products, you will need to present an MMCC card. The supplier will then verify your card before they give you medical marijuana for your condition. If you receive certification and refuse to buy the products within 120 days, the certificate will expire, so you will need to get a new one.

Qualifying Conditions

The list of Maryland medical marijuana qualifying conditions. The medical cannabis to treat other illnesses where other treatments cannot. If you have obtained a medical marijuana card, you can buy up to 120grams of medical cannabis after every month. This amount is a maximum, however. You can also get a larger amount if your doctor says you need more marijuana for your condition. With your medical marijuana card, you can access up to 36grams of THC products at a nearby dispensary. The dispensaries in Maryland do not sell cannabis in the form of edibles.

Maryland does not allow patients to plant medical marijuana at the moment. It would help if you also consumed it in a private residence because doing it in public is illegal. When creating an account to apply for medical marijuana, you will have to pay an initial fee of $50, and this fee is normally non-refundable. The doctors will also charge certain fees depending on the individuals. The doctor’s price, however, is $200 on average. If you want a physical medical marijuana card, you will need to pay a fee of $50. If you are a minor, you will need to pay for a caregiver’s card, which costs $50. 

This card usually lasts for three years. After that, you will renew it at $50. This option became available on March first, 2019, and it gives the best value for money. To restore your card is easy. You will log in to the MMCC website and then click renew registration. Then answer a few questions and update your address if necessary. After that, the MMCC will review the renewal and will then give you feedback through email.


The state’s medical cannabis program is well established. Therefore, how to get medical marijuana in Maryland smooth. Getting approval has also become easier if you compare it to the past years. The state also allows you to purchase a reasonable amount of cannabis, which makes more patients go for this card.


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