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Sphatik Shivling

Sphatik Shivling or Spatika Lingam is a Shivling made of the transparent gemstone Sphatik, which in English call Crystal, Quartz, Crystal Quartz, and Clear Quartz.

Sphatik or Clear Quartz is a popular gemstone, available abundantly in Mother Earth, creates over thousands of years in the Earth’s crust.

The Spatika Lingam is one of the most powerful among gemstone Shivlings and favoreds for keeping at homes or workspace to worship.


The Sphatik Shiva Lingam is reputed to have numerous healing and spiritual properties, which makes it a Shivling worshiped since ancient times by the Rishis/Sages and wise ones.

Sphatik Shiva Lingam represents the Nirguna Brahman, an attribute of Lord Shiva, which translates to Him being attribute-less.

Devotees of Lord Shiva who are aware of Sphatik Shivling’s benefits worship a real Sphatik Lingam at home.

Lord Shiva’s worship in the Lingam or Shivling form since the beginning of time denotes the formless form of Lord Shiva, as He has no beginning nor no end, He is limitless.

The Shivling represents the seat of creation, the union of Shakti and Shiva. The auspicious Sphatik ka Shivling possesses high frequency and is a supercharger for the space it installs in and for the worshiper.

Worshiping a Shivalinga Sphatik considers having the same effect as worshiping the “Jyotirlingas”.

Sphatik carries prosperity, happiness, and satisfaction to that house where it worships.

As per the explanation of the Divine Trinity, Lord Shiva is the destroyer of the Universe. On a spiritual level, His role as a destroyer works on individuals to destroy the ego and face the truth about themselves, which leads to transformation and spiritual growth.


The radiant, transparent Shivling, the Sphatik Shivling, is one of the best and most recommend Shivling to install at home for worship.

The ritual of Pran Prathishta does not require the Spatika Lingam, because it is all pure. Pran Prathishta is the Vedic ritual for purification and consecration of Shivlings, Deity Idols, etc.

Therefore, the Spatika Lingam at home can worship after buying it.

It can program, which is done to get the fulfillment of desires quickly,
and the ritual for it should ideally carry out by a qualified Pandit.

The Sphatik Shivling worshiped by Spatika Lingam Abhishekam, which is performing the sacred bath of the Shivling.

Puja Vidhi

Sphatik Shivling Puja Vidhi is to be done in the morning after having a bath.

  • First invoke Lord Ganesha, as no Puja can start without praying to Lord Ganesha first.
  • Abhishekam can be done with a mixture of Cow’s Milk (which is not boiled) and Water/Gangajal mixed or a mixture of Cow’s Milk and water mixed with Gangajal, Curd, Ghee, and Honey.
  • The mixture should be in a small pot of Silver or Copper metal.
  • Chant “Om Namah Shivaya ”, the Panchakshari Mantra of Lord Shiva 108 times while performing the Abhishekam.
  • Clean the Sphatik Shivling with a clean, dry, soft cloth.
  • Offer flowers, Bilva/Bilwa Patra, and Sandalwood paste to the Divine Shivling
  • Light incense, Diya, or Oil/Ghee lamp
  • You may offer Fruit and Sweets
  • Perform Aarti with burning Camphor
  • Post Aarti, bow down and pray with dedication and pure intentions
  • Distribute the Prasadam among family members and others.

Benefits of Doing Rudrabhishek Pooja:

  • Growth in Education, work, and career success
  • Relationships in harmony
  • Facing Financial difficulties is no longer a problem
  • Doshas are eliminated
  • Elimination of health-related concerns

Chanting Lord Shiva Mantras, whichever one you choose to chant, energizes the Spatika Lingam at home giving favorable outcome in all aspects, needless to mention, chanting Mantras calm down our mind.

Lord Shiva is known as Bholenath and is easily pleased with mere Jal Abhishekam,
which is Abhishekham with only water and offering of His favorite Bilwa Patra.

The Lord is ever-giving and benevolently blesses everyone who prays sincerely and surrenders to Him.

Some things which should never offer to Shivling – are KumKum, Turmeric, Champa/Kewda flowers, Tulsi leaves, and Coconut water. Offering the whole Coconut allows.

How can you keep Sphatik Shivling at Home / Pooja Altar / Office?

The correct way to keep the Spatika Lingam at home, in Pooja (Puja) Altar or office space is to install the Spatika Lingam on a Yoni base if it does not have a Yoni base.

The Yoni base can be of Sphatik, metals like Silver, Brass, etc. There are two acceptable ways in which the Sphatik Shivling can place.

1) In the Puja Alter, keep the Yoni base facing the North direction.
This means that the place from which the Abhishekam liquid flows out should be facing the North and the devotee facing the East, i.e., the West face of the Shivling.
2) You may keep the Yoni facing the East and the worshipper/devotee should face the North direction,
which is towards the South face of the Sphatik Shiva Lingam.


Temple is located at the foothill of the mountain "Bramhagiri," where the Holy Ganga River originates (Maharashtra's longest river). The History of the Trimbakeshwar Temple is that it was built-in 1755-1786 AD by Shri. Nanasaheb Peshwa. The word "Trimbak" indicates Trinities (trideva): Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Mahesh. The Temple is made of black stone, and it is bordered with a 20 to 25ft stone wall that gives a prosperous look.

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