What is cold pressed oil, how is it different from other oils

Nowadays everyone is conscious about their health and all of us are taking special care about what we should eat and what not. Earlier, we were only adding superfoods to our diet, but now we have become very cautious about the consumption and purchase of oil in our homes. Everyone is knowing that cold pressed oils are good for health, but why are they good, how are these oils made, do you know about it, read-

How is cold pressed oil made?

The method of extraction of cold pressed oil is different from normal oils. Cold pressed, as the name suggests, the temperature is kept very low while extracting these oils. The seed from which the oil is being extracted is roasted and pressed together at a low temperature to produce the oil at a lower temperature. In this process the temperature is not high nor any kind of chemical is used. Whereas the temperature is kept very high and chemicals are also used while removing the normal oil from the seed which has been going on for years.

There is also a difference between taste and nutrition –

Because extreme temperatures and chemicals are not used in the process of making cold pressed oil, the aroma and taste of this type of oil are more pleasant and natural. Not only this, their nutritional value also remains. Whereas in normal oils, their taste, nutritional value is affected due to extreme temperatures and chemicals.

Essential fatty acids, all kinds of antioxidants, vitamin K, vitamin E, vitamin C and all kinds of good fats are found in abundance in cold pressed oil, so people who have any kind of serious disease or lifestyle related disease So it is good to eat this oil. Due to the abundance of nutrition, it is also considered good for heart health. In normal oil (also called hot pressed), many essential elements of seeds or nuts are destroyed due to temperature first, then acetic acid, bleaching soda, hexane etc. gives. This is the reason that excessive or regular use of refined oil increases the chances of heart attack and stroke.

Oleic acid is also present in cold pressed oil which is helpful in increasing immunity.

There are many types of cold pressed oils –

There are many types of cold pressed oils available in the market like sesame, coconut, linseed, olive etc. All of these also have their own merits. like-

1. Cold Pressed Sesame Oil –

Sesamol is present in cold-pressed sesame oil, which is an effective antioxidant as well as antifungal. It helps in absorbing Vitamin E. This oil, which is rich in Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B6, is very strong in the test, so it should be used in moderation.

2. Cold Pressed Coconut Oil –

Cocositol is present in cold pressed coconut oil. Cocositol is a type of plant alcohol found in abundance in coconuts. This oil increases the good HDL cholesterol in the body. They should be used on medium or low heat. These are very much preferred for baking.

3. Cold Pressed Linseed Oil –

Cold pressed flaxseed oil is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. It is especially good for the liver and also increases the metabolic rate of the body. Because of this, it is also beneficial for controlling weight. This oil is also very useful for people troubled by water retention.

What is their shelf life?

Hydrogenation process is used while preparing regular oil or hot pressed oil. They also undergo chemical treatment for long-term use, but nothing like this is done with cold pressed oils. They are prepared with their natural taste and properties, due to this they have a short shelf life and can spoil more quickly. This is the reason that they are also not manufactured on a very large scale and for this reason they are also more expensive.

How practical is it to use them –

In our kitchen, especially during festivals, many dishes are prepared which are deep fried. But if you are thinking of using only cold pressed, then always keep in mind that cold pressed oil should not be used for deep frying. Unsaturated fats present in them break down at high temperatures and they can harm health. Apart from this, they are more expensive than normal oils and you cannot think of keeping them and eating them because they also spoil quickly.

Is there any relation with Kachchi Ghani too?

In ancient times, large cylindrical barrels called ghanis were used to extract oil from oilseeds. According to the book A Historical Dictionary of Indian Food, authored by K T Achaya, a ghani was a wooden or stone-made pebble-like instrument used to extract oil by moving it with the help of a cattle. The process of extracting oil from Ghani has been considered as the simplest method of extracting oil by cold pressing as the temperature in this process was also not very high. Although nowadays cold pressed or regular oil extraction machines are used for all. Traditional cold pressed oil has been popular in our country by the names of Ghani, Chekku and Kolhu for centuries.

How can use

Because all the nutrients in cold pressed oils are wasted on high heat, they should be used in cooking only when the oil does not have to be very hot. They can be eaten by putting them on salads, chutneys, sandwiches, roasted meats, and chicken. You can also eat it by putting it on mashed potato or scrambled egg.

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