VOD CMS: What You Need to Know About Content management system

Video Content Management System

Nowadays, video has taken over the online world by storm! The incredible surge in popularity of video content occurred only a few years ago and has continued ever since. With more and more videos created every day, publishers decided to get a better way to organize, store, and monetize their content. That is why most businesses turned toward VOD content management systems.

Before we move into the nitty-gritty, let’s have a look at some of the statistics:

  • In the United States alone, 83.8% of internet users regularly watch online video content.
  • According to a recent HubSpot survey, audiences prefer video over all other types of content, including emails, infographics, and blog articles.
  • By 2028, the video streaming market will be worth $223.98 billion.

So, What Exactly Is Video on Demand Content Management?

A VOD Content Management System (VOD CMS), sometimes known as a “Video CMS,” is software that allows you to publish, share, and manage video content across multiple channels. It also allows you to track video views and analyze which videos are viewed and by whom. For instance, you can use a Video Content Management System to upload videos to your company’s website and YouTube.

How Does a VOD Content Management System Work?

A video CMS is, at its core, a tool for storing, organizing, and managing video content. All of your RAW and edited files will get stored in the CMS. Thanks to advanced video CMS features, it is even possible to sort video files by size, type of video, categories, and so on. 

However, if the wealth of information available on video CMS hasn’t already convinced you, here are some of the benefits of using one to meet your video needs. We are confident that after reviewing these points, you will be well on your way to selecting the best enterprise video content management for your company.

VOD content management system(CMS)


Users get shielded from the technical details of storing, sharing, and modifying content by content management systems. Whereas a general-purpose CMS allows non-technical users to create and work with the web, a video CMS simplifies video sharing and distribution. This simplicity enables production teams to collaborate easily and prevents homebrewed and insecure solutions.

Enhanced Content Management

Enhanced content management is probably one of the most basic expectations from a video management platform. A video CMS stores a large amount of rich media, and it must allow you to manage all of the content efficiently. The video CMS should track how and where the content appears and how it performs well.

Streamlined Workflows

A video CMS is a vital cog in ensuring rich media production, distribution, and video streamlining in the most efficient manner possible. File distribution, social media publishing, format conversion, and other features are required to create automated workflows. However, developing automated workflows improves the video production and distribution processes.

High-End Privacy and Security

In a video content management platform, access should get granted to specific users and groups based on their position in the hierarchy. The video will not be available to everyone. At various stages of video production, the contributors’ permissions and roles change. All of this will necessarily involve different layers of security.

Highlighting Features of Video CMS

There are, however, some features that all publishers will want to see in a video on demand platform if they want to get the most bang for their buck. Each video CMS platform has its own set of features. While some CMS tools are ideal for a startup with a limited budget, others may be affordable to a large enterprise looking for a wide range of features. In any case, you want a high level of customization, upload, and storage options, an enterprise video management platform is the way to go.

Here are some of the most crucial features to look for in a video content management system:

  • Multi-Lingual Support

The multilingual support features give you an advantage for reaching and connecting with local, regional, and global audiences. It vastly improves your reach and engagement rates while also helping you in building a regional audience base.

  • Multiple Media Format Support

Once it comes to audio or video streaming, a dynamic CMS streaming solution must support multiple media formats. Including MP4, MP3, M4V, MPEG-DASH, H.265 Codec, and other popular formats.

  • Create & Manage Dynamic Playlist

The user can create and control his dynamic playlist. Every video has an Add to Playlist Button that allows users to add it to. An existing playlist or create a new one depending on their preferences.

  • Content Partner Portal

This feature allows any user to create content partner portals by designing and building the site map, adding new pages. And adding content and images to display a wide range of PRM features, reports, and profile data.

  • Database Management

A video platform management CMS must enable you to organize your videos using different categories and metadata. Managing a diverse video library benefits not only users but also admins.

  • Video & Audio Library

There are options for importing an entire audio and video library to an OTT platform when a large amount of content needs to get published.

So, What Next?

Do you plan to use a video monetization platform to monetize your videos? The first step is to get a high-quality video CMS from the most reputable best VOD Platforms. Also, ensure that the VOD CMS you’ve chosen includes an in-built video paywall and top-tier security features.

Concluding Notes

In the same way that a CMS is critical to managing today’s complex websites. A video CMS is vital for exercising proper control over your rich media content. With a video content management system, you have complete control of your content. Converting your website into a powerful and invaluable business tool. On the whole, it is far more sophisticated than standard media management features and plugins.


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