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Best Way to Install Shelf brackets: Step by Step Guide

Are you interested to learn about the installation of shelf brackets? If yes, you are at the right platform to learn about the successful shelf installation tutorial. It seems difficult but following all the steps properly, it’s not difficult at all. For example, with hanging basket brackets, you can transform a room both practically and aesthetically, able to add required storage. In this guide, you will know how to put industrial shelf brackets on the wall using brackets. They are necessary to support a significant amount of weight. Furthermore, you can finish the installation whether you’re working with masonry, plasterboard, or drywall walls. Let’s dive into the details.

Simple Steps to Install Shelf Brackets

  1. Verify the Wall’s Construction

Before you start you need to identify the type of wall. This is important to determine the weight of the shelf you may hang. Even more, the weight of its contents and the fittings you’ll require. In case, the wall makes a hollow sound while knocking on it, it probably is made of plasterboard or drywall.

  1. Select Appropriate Shelf Styles and Fixtures

It is important to choose a lightweight shelf for photographs or indoor plants. Especially, if you are dealing with a plasterboard wall. Make sure, if you can’t find the brackets on the studs, be mindful that a bookcase may be for plasterboard. So, it would be better suited to a brick wall. 

A floating shelf requires a complete guide if you want to hang it. As you know, a shelf is a terrific way to incorporate natural texture. Moreover, a recurring interior trend in your space serves as useful storage.

  1. Inspect the Pipes and Cable on your Wall

When hanging pictures you need to run a digital stud detector over the area. This is in order to make sure it is clear of any pipes and wires before drilling any holes. In the absence of anyone, locate the outlets and faucets on either side of the wall. This will help you to ensure that you won’t hang the brackets in a place where there are pipes or cables.

  1. Note your Shelf’s Position

You need to use eye level to see how it looks and to determine whether you are satisfied with the height. Moreover, the brackets are the most crucial component to support the shelf’s weight. So, once you’ve determined the height of your shelf with a pencil mark then put it on the wall. 

For this, make a little dot on the wall by inserting the pencil’s point inside the bracket’s screw holes. After this, take a level and draw a line connecting your first designated location. So that this will guarantee that your shelf is level.

  1. Set Up the Wall

In this step, you need to make a little dent in the centre of each mark. With a counterpunch, you can prevent your drill or screwdriver from slipping. In addition, to prevent the plaster from splitting, place a small piece of tape over the drill hole. 

Doing this, it is far preferable to drill a pilot hole in the wall before inserting the screws. After this, you can attempt to screw the brackets in place all at once. 

  1. Security Attach the Brackets to the Wall

Now, there is a need to attach the brackets to the wall. But make sure that they are flat with the surface and firmly fastened. Screw your wall plugs into the pencil marks while using a worm-style fixing. It is suggested that before lightly fastening the top of the bracket to the wall, keep the bracket on top. For this, you can use a spirit level to check whether it is vertical or not. 

Then, screw in the bottom of the bracket and make sure it is still plumb straight. After that, you need to return and adjust the top. Furthermore, drill holes in your marked positions and use sprung plasterboard for fastening. Insert the fastening into the holes and loosely fasten the bracket’s top to the wall using the screws. This will ensure that the bracket is straight before repeating for the bottom.

  1. Hold Down your Shelf

After completing the previous step, place the shelf onto the bracket. You can use a ruler to make sure the overhang on each side is the same. It is important to mark the locations of the screw holes underneath the shelf. Use a tiny drill bit to make pilot holes into each mark. If you want to avoid completely drilling through the shelf, you need to be cautious. 

Bring the shelf back to the brackets, align the screw and drill holes, and fasten your fixings. It also depends on the sort of shelf you have, you need to install a few more screws to secure the shelf. It is recommended to consider painting your shelf to add colour to the space. For this, you could choose to paint the room the same colour as the wall. This will result in a more subdued appearance or a colour-wash effect.

  1. Verify that the Bracket and Shelf are Secure

In this last step, once everything is firmly fastened, you should clean up any dust. For this, use your imagination to decorate the freshly installed shelf. To accomplish the task, use a countersink drill bit for the bracket pilot holes. This will help you to cover the screwheads. 

By doing this, you will ensure that the screws are seated just below the surface of the wood. Even more, allowing you to fill in the gaps with wood filler. Now, after the wood filler has dried, you can sand it before painting. You can cover the screwheads with push-on screw caps to make it simpler. 

This will help to reach the screws or if you don’t have a countersink drill bit. In order to attach a shelf, you always require a drill. You need to understand without drilling a pilot hole, it is difficult to achieve a tidy finish while installing your screws.

Final Thoughts

We hope, after reading the content, there is no need to hire any professional to complete the installation. Now you feel confident and realize that the industrial shelf brackets installation is easy as it seemed difficult earlier. You just need to follow all the above-discussed hanging basket brackets installation steps properly. 

Thanks for Reading!

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