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URL structure:SEO friendly URLs

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On the one hand, a good and meaningful URL structure is important for Google. Search engines can thus understand the structure of your website. But URLs are also important for users, as they show us where we are currently on a website.

What is a url?

A  URL  (Uniform Resource Locator) can be understood as the address of a website. Each website can be accessed by entering its URL in the address bar of a browser.

There are also dynamic URLs, for example, a? contain. They are called dynamic because they can change. They are only useful for very specific websites and can also have negative effects if used incorrectly.

Example of a URL

The URL Structure of our website is The URL of this blog post is Structures are often created by inserting directories such as / blog / or / product / in the URL. There is also the possibility to set up subdomains , for example .

Overall, however, the links should not be too long and should not contain more than 1 or 2 keywords. After all, which URL is easier to capture and probably also more appealing for Google?


Unnecessary information has no place here, but should rather be explained in the content of the page.

What is an SEO URL?

The URL Structure can be very important for SEO. This means that a website with optimized URLs can be displayed more often, ranked higher and clicked better. If you search something in Google, the URL will be shown directly in the search results.

If the URL is appropriate and engaging or even contains keywords, users are more likely to click on this result. Keywords are search queries that are relevant to your target audience and your company. If you make sewing machines, this is the term your customers will search for. Then when it appears in the URL, your customers (and Google) will know that your website is relevant.

Incidentally, the top-level domain (TLD) also has an influence on Google, but also the users. Endings like .de and .com are perceived as more trustworthy.

What is a speaking url?

The URL is meaningful. You know immediately that this blog post is about URL structures. A separator is used for individual words .

non-speaking URL would be, for example, Everyone can see at first glance that this link is not optimized and one cannot guess what this page is about. Neither Google nor users.

How do I find the right URL?

URLs should therefore good to read his, if possible matching keywords included and the respective side short and to describe . Letters, numbers and various special characters are possible.

Tip: Ö, Ä and Ü should be avoided because some browsers cannot display these characters and then convert the URL. Better to use oe, ae and ue. Capitalization should also be avoided.

It is also important that all URLs on your website are SSL-encrypted . You can easily check this: do they start with http or https? All pages on the website should be in https format.

Change url

If you want to change the structure of your website, things can go wrong very quickly . After all, all internal links should still work in the end. It can also be negative if you build up long redirect chains, i.e. redirect the old URL to a new one and then a new one again. So URLs cannot be changed quickly on the side. It is better to think about a new concept first and then implement it technically.

We are happy to support you in changing your URLs and work out a strategy for your website structure together. If you want to learn even more about the topic, here are tips on how to build links

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