Top unique custom packaging designs in terms of shapes and styles

Top unique custom packaging designs in terms of shapes and styles

Packaging is considered to be a marketing and advertisement technique.

But packaging does not only perform marketing and advertising functions,

it also provides protection to the product packed in it.

During transportation damages may cause to the products, damages

to the products can be caused to the product from humidity, light, heat and other external factors.

But these damages are prevented by giving these boxes a sturdy protective packaging.

Along with the protection the custom packaging boxes

also provides elegance to the product with unique shapes and styles of the boxes.

at times the style and shape of the boxes become a defining statement for the brands.

A uniquely packaged product can increase the attractiveness and thus creates an urge in the customer to buy the product. Some product manufacturers and brands say that they consider packaging as important as the product itself. Selection of perfect ideas is the main task that is to performed. There are variety of shapes and styles available for the custom boxes for different category of products. We will be discussing the top most and unique shapes and styles you can select for your products.


A unique shaped packaging always fascinates the customer. The shape of the packaging boxes can also prove to be a game changer. Though packaging shape is still underrated in the marketing and advertisement of the product. The shape of the custom packaging boxes can prove to be a differentiating factor for your product. We will discuss few shapes that can make your product look unique and most likable among your competitors.


Gable boxes are a type of container like boxes with a triangular shape boxes on the top which joins to become a handle to carry them. gable boxes are commonly used by food and party type purposes.

These boxes are also known as ‘Dunkin doughnut boxes’

You can get these boxes prepared in different materials i.e. cardboard, paperboard, Kraft and bux board. Gable boxes are made from a single sheet which makes the box sturdier and sustainable. Furthermore, to enhance the beauty of these boxes multiple printing and coating options are available. With the printing and coatings applied to these boxes, they are transformed into a very attractive master piece. Gable boxes are used for bakery items, fast food, gift items and wedding gift purposes.


As the name of these boxes suggest that the shape of these boxes are same like a pillow. These boxes are made up of cardboard, Kraft or paperboard. These boxes can be easily printed and coated with multiple techniques to add an enchanting effect to these boxes. Pillow boxes are usually liked and preferred due to their unique shape. With putting some add-ons these boxes you can make them look ravishingly appealing, such as gift ribbons, PVC windows, perforated ends etc. These are small sized boxes which are suitable for small and light weight products like chocolates, candies, jewelry and gift cards etc.

Petal top

The petal top boxes are very unique shape of boxes which grabs the attention of the customers in a very effective way. Petal top boxes are given this name because the top closure of these boxes is same like the pattern of petals. These boxes are sturdy and durable, they are prepared with multiple materials such as cardboard, paperboard and Kraft. The materials used for making these boxes allow you to choose quality printing techniques to make these boxes look more attractive. Moreover, variety of coatings such as gloss finish, Gloss matte finish, spot UV etc. will make these petal top boxes more appealing. Add-ons can also be chosen for these boxes for example gold/silver.


Hot foil stamping, embossing, debossing and die-cut PVC windows. The petal top boxes are used for gifting purpose and for packing cakes and bakery items.


Although cube shape sounds a very common shape but it can be made appealing by choosing the right selection options for it. You can get these boxes build in different materials for example cardboard, paperboard, bux board, Kraft and rigid depending on your product needs. these boxes can be made in different sizes with sustainable structural design. the cube shape boxes give a totally different appearance when they are combine with unique styling options i.e. cube boxes made in 2-piece styles, cube boxes with an opening lid PVC window, sleeve can be added to cube boxes, etc. Similarly, you can select printing techniques of your choice to apply on these boxes and add an attractive coating to wrap the printing done on them. These boxes can fulfil the needs of wide range of product packaging. You may choose cube shaped boxes for almost any category of products for example beauty products, bath bombs, hair gels etc.


After selecting the material and shape of the custom boxes you should keenly choose the best style for your custom boxes. at times the style of your box is the factor which will make your customer purchase your product due to the uniqueness of your box style.  Below we will discuss few boxes styles which are unique in nature and can easily uplift your brand image.


Sleeve boxes are drawer shaped boxes, which are made of two parts. First one is the outer cover and the is the inner tray in which you can place your products. The sleeve style boxes are used for giving the products classy and premium look. sleeve boxes prepared in rigid.

Cardboard, paperboard and Kraft material

The sleeve boxes can be embellished with add-ons to make them look more attractive for example die-cut window on the top to make view of your quality product, adding a pulling handle on the inner drawer or wrapping around with a gift ribbon. Wide range of products can be packed in these boxes for example bakery items, jewelry, electronic gadgets and exclusive products.

Book style

Book style boxes are usually seen used for exclusive products, new launched product or limited edition products. The product in such boxes looks like as if it is displayed in the showcase. These boxes can be made with different materials as per your need i.e. rigid, cardboard and paperboard. These boxes can be printed with multiple printing techniques to make these boxes appealing. you may choose offset, digital or screen printing for these book style custom boxes. a magnet can be added for keeping the book lid intact and closed. Products that can be packed in it can be small electronic gadgets, apparels, special sweets, vapes etc.

2-piece box style

The 2-piece box style is normally seen used for different product packaging. They can be manufactured with rigid, cardboard, paperboard or Kraft as per your product requires. You can increase the beauty by printing your brand artwork on these boxes. add-ons option like PVC windows, gift ribbons, foil stamping can also be chosen for such boxes. these style of boxes can be used for almost any category of products.


Whenever you need to sell a product you must put a keen focus on the shapes and styles of the boxes because it can prove to be a game-changer. You can get custom packaging boxes to build the boxes you desire for your products and get countless options and selections between different things you can.

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