The Ultimate Feather Banners Buying Guide

When you want to attract attention to an event or sale, feather banners are the way to go! They are shaped like feathers to maximize their appeal, and they can be as small as 6.5 feet and as tall as 17 feet. 

Feather flags, as they are usually called, are the simplest way to advertise goods, services, or even a promotion. With a flag stand and pole pockets on the custom flag, these banners can be seen from a distance. In addition, they are durable and easy to install, despite their size. If you want to buy high-quality custom flags for your next event or business project, contact Lush Banners to get feather flags at an affordable price!

How To Get The Best Feather Banners

Several things need to be considered before buying a feather banner. The first thing you should know about is the versatility of the feather flags that we offer at Lush Banners. Our feather banners are made of high-quality prints with UV-resistant ink. In addition, they are made up of fiberglass poles with a lifetime warranty. 

The flag banners are customizable and can be used in any environment. You can place them indoors or outside. The base of the flagpole is free rotating, making it easier to put in an outdoor setting. 

We offer five sizes of these banners, starting from 6.5 feet to 17 feet. There is also the option of choosing single-sided, double-sided, or pre-designed banners. As all of them have a variety of uses, let’s get to know them better.

  • 6.5ft Custom Feather Banners
  • 8ft Custom Feather Banners
  • 10ft Custom Feather Banners
  • 13.5ft Custom Feather Banners
  • 17ft Custom Feather Banners

Single-Sided Feather Flag Banners

They are lightweight banners with graphics printed on only one side of the flag. If it’s a left-side banner, then the graphics will be printed on the left side of the pole, and for the right side, it’s printed on the right of the pole. The back is a mirror image of the graphics for single-sided feather banners with a 50-70% bleed-through. This way, the text is only readable on one side of the banner, either left or right.

Double-Sided Feather Flag Banners

These banners are printed on two different fabric layers. They are sewn together with a silver-grey fabric layer. So in total, we use three fabrics for double-sided feather banners. There is an option to either use the same graphics on both sides of the flag or use different designs to appeal to more people. 

Pre-designed Feather Flag Banners

When you need affordable and fast delivery of feather flags, pre-designed flags are the right choice for you! We have 10-foot feather banner kits that you can order anytime. The kits have various things, including printed flags, poles, and a rotating spike base. Based on the popularity of themes, we have standard themes like ‘Now Open,’ ‘Open House,’ ‘Now Hiring,’ etc.

Browse through some of our predesigned options here:

  • Now Open Flags
  • Medical Feather Flags
  • Now Hiring Flags
  • Real Estate Feather Flags
  • Now Leasing Flags
  • Open House Flags
  • Welcome Feather Flags
  • Salon Flags
  • American Feather Flags
  • Religious Feather Flags
  • Sports Feather Flags
  • Specialty Business Flags
  • Seasonal Holiday Flags
  • Education Feather Flags
  • Political Feather Flags
  • Finance Feather Flags
  • Business Promotion Flags
  • Auto Feather Flags
  • Restaurants Feather Flags
  • Curbside Pickup Flags

Feather Banners Are Easy to Assemble

At Lush Banners, we’ve designed our feather flags to be easy to assemble and disassemble whenever you need to. Start by collecting all of your materials and make sure you give yourself enough room to set it up. Then, connect all the poles one by one, from the thickest to the thinnest. Next, insert the connecting pole into the sleeve of your banner until the rod tip reaches the sleeve end, which you’ll see is double-stitched. 

Once you’ve secured the banner to the pole with the tension rod we’ve provided, tie the loop and the hooks tightly together. Lastly, insert your banner and pole into the pole base! That’s it! 

Care Instructions For Feather Banners

In addition to making our feather banners easy to assemble, we’ve also tried to simplify the care instructions so that you can use your banners year after year. Here are a few tips to help you avoid shortening the lifespan of your banners:

  • Do not bleach your banners, as this will ruin the colors.
  • They are machine washable, but make sure you air dry them.
  • Whether washing by machine or hand, make sure you use cold water and then hang them out to dry. 
  • Do not iron your banners. Air drying them and hanging them should prevent wrinkles, but excessive heat can damage your banners. 

Why Buy Feather Banners from Lush Banners®?

By now, we hope you have a better understanding of how Lush Banners feather banners stand out from the rest. Great for both indoor and outdoor use, order feather banners for your next event or trade show so that you can earn more business and gain more customers. 

Our banners are tall, durable, UV safe, and easy to install. They come with all the equipment you need to display them, and we have extra accessories to meet your needs. When you order with us, you can expect nothing but the highest quality products.

Each banner:

  • Is made with industry-leading aviation-grade fiberglass poles that include a lifetime warranty.
  • Is printed in full color with high-def UV resistant inks.
  • Can be printed anywhere from 6.5-17ft and can be made single or double-sided.
  • Comes with a free rotating spike base and carrying bag to make hauling easier.
  • Is great for both indoor or outdoor use and can be customized however you’d like.

If you have decided on a suitable feather banner for your upcoming event, get in touch with us today to get a quote! 

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