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7 Ways to De-Clutter and Clean Up the Office

Your office is your business shrine. Keeping it dirty and unclean will not only affect your work, it will surely affect those that have to work around or under you. Your mind can already be frazzled with the thumping workload you have to complete, clutter is not going to help out. In fact, many studies show that an organized and clean office environment is actually linked to boosts in productivity, mood and organization as a whole. Here are a few ways for you to clean/de-clutter your office and change up your work life: 

  1. Organize the Paper

Are you truly in an office if you do not have paper all around you? You probably have documents, receipts and notes all over your desks and boards. Looking at it all at once, all over the place could really overwhelm any normal person. Every week take the time to organize your papers into separate sectors and get rid of any papers with information that you already have on your computer. 

  1. Quality Pens 

The office is usually filled with a sea of pens in a vast array of colours. Unfortunately, most of the time, out of all the pens available only a limited number seem to work. Just get 3 superior quality pens always available on your desk and get rid of the rest! 

  1. Get Rid of Dust

Wipe down all the surface in your office with microfiber cloth. Those tiny spaces are the trickiest and dirtiest. Be sure not to ignore the power strips, fan blades and windows. 

  1. Vacuum & Mop 

The office is constantly collecting dirt, especially from all that dirty footwear! Work your way down from the top and thoroughly vacuum each area around the office. Pay extra care to the carpets. This should be followed by mopping. Use the right detergents when mopping to clear up your office floors. If you want to keep your office eco-friendly and squeaky clean you could go for some sustainable commercial cleaning products to help you out.

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  1. Disinfect 

It is the era of COVID-19 after all. Disinfectant should be a household and office staple by now. Not only is there micro-bacteria swirling about, you have to worry about the new virus in town. Keep your mind at ease and disinfect your monitors, keyboards, phones, door handles and mouthpieces on a regular basis. 

  1. Get Rid of Food

Food is the worst villain when it comes to making your office smell and filling it up with grime. You can avoid this by not eating at your desk and eating in the lunchroom. If there are any plates that have been used, taken them straight to the kitchen for a good washing up. Please do not forget the air-freshener! 

  1. Be Consistent 

Keep a to-do list, mark your calendar and schedule your cleaning and arranging time on a weekly basis. By keeping a routine going, it will help you discipline yourself in the long run and keep your office fresh and clean as a bonus! Keep some disinfectant nearby to do a quick wipe down on your desk if you would ever need to. 

Let’s de-clutter, reorganize and keep the office spotless!

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