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Enhance Your Amazon Business by Using Fantastic Product Packaging

Fantastic Product Packaging

Most successful Amazon FBA sellers are the ones who recognize that the essential factor to success is to set your brand distinct from your competitors. One of the most effective ways to make your products and brand distinctive on Amazon is by utilizing the product packaging.

What is Important in Product Packaging?

The product packaging will make you visible in the search results on Amazon.

Amazon’s results page can be highly competitive. How can you be noticed, generate more sales, and get more clicks than the rest?

It should be noticeable and memorable packaging in the picture!

The first is that Amazon demands that all photos on its site be a single product’s picture on white background. Because of this, most experts in branding know that specific colors pop nicely in Amazon’s background of white.

In addition, clean, simple designs look best on mobile and desktop. This is crucial as 53% of online traffic is generated by smartphones.

The bright colors make it stand out.

The packaging of the product packaging includes a few valuable value assertions. However, there is no additional information making the packaging clear.

Brand Establishment

Although some Amazon sellers aren’t quite as well-known or have the same reach as famous brands, you can establish an image for your products and services to get the attention of and gain recognition from your customers.

The majority of this is due to your packaging.

Apple is an excellent illustration of an on-brand product packaging. It’s easy to give us an iPhone in a simple plastic case with an information sheet, but they’ve gone the extra mile to offer us a lovely solid, durable white box with a clean and straightforward appearance.

The product is perfectly incorporated inside the box; there aren’t many other bells or whistles except for the headphones and charging cable. The packaging conveys the ideals of sophistication and simplicity that Apple would like you to imagine when you think of Apple’s brand.

Packaging Specifications

Before you begin designing your product’s packaging, It’s essential to understand Amazon’s terms and conditions regarding what you are allowed and not permitted to do regarding the product’s packaging.

In addition to the specific requirements for each product, there are other requirements that all products have to be met to be offered on Amazon.

Packaging Specifications

Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit

This label can be scannable to help Amazon’s fulfillment network workers and robots efficiently locate, pack, select, and deliver your goods.

If your product is equipped with an RFID barcode, you need to place an FNSKU on top of the barcode.

You can obtain FNSKU labels when you order replenishment for inventory on your item.

Simply select Merchant in the “Who labels?” column in the initial setup. Click the orange label printing on this page. This will download a sheet of FNSKUs that you print or forward to your vendor to put in the boxes.

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Country of Origin

U.S. Customs requires that all imports to the U.S. have a visible “Country of Origin” within the packaging and, often, on the item itself.

Certain product categories have distinct legal requirements regarding the packaging.

For instance, toys should be labeled with age ranges on the box. If the packaging comes with a bag, it must indicate choking hazards on the bag.

How do you identify the legal requirements that are specific to your product?

Here are some ways to know the exact legal requirements that apply to your product:

Conduct thorough research on the internet. You can search online to find the specifications for your specific area of expertise. Websites such as provide information about packaging to read, and Amazon includes information regarding the product packaging specifications in their fulfillment centers.

Check out the products of your competitors. The simplest and cheapest method to determine your legal requirements are to look into and purchase products similar to those you plan to develop. Ideally, your competitors must meet all the legal prerequisites in place.

Get in touch with a customs or logistics specialist. This is probably the most expensive way of determining your legal obligations; however, it’s the most reliable method to ensure that your information is accurate. Your provider might also have resources available to help you.

Packaging Desirable to Have

After you’ve verified that your product’s packaging conforms to Amazon’s standards and the Terms of Service, you can now concentrate on branding and appeal. Consider:


Once it’s in the hands of the consumer, your product must be easy to use. Many images, words, or sales terms on the box can confuse. Make it clear!


Consider creating an Amazon item packaging visually attractive.

Take a look at how your product will appear on the retail store’s shelves. What can you do to create a distinct image that stands out from the other products available on Amazon and get people not to scroll and click on your product?

Contact Information

Although having your company’s details on the Amazon packaging is no longer required to register your brand, it is still a nice thing to be able to.

A simple address, address, email, or phone number address tells your customer that you do not have a problem with them calling you. Also, depending on the location where your most customers reside, the local country’s contact details could appeal to people who prefer to shop locally.


An insert for your product can be a box divider, pamphlet, card, or any other type of stuff that provides helpful information and product safety.

Many sellers utilize inserts to ask for reviews, direct customers to their sites that are not Amazon-branded, and build email lists.

Product pakcaging insert

Product Packaging Inserts

Inserts to your product can assist in helping the Amazon item provide crucial information for your customers. It also serves as a direct follow-up service on your behalf, offering efficient support to customers and marketing.

Here are some ideas to keep in mind when creating your product packaging.

  • Do not forget to say “Thank you.”
  • Do include the instructions.
  • If you are selling an item that requires extra effort, you should include simple, simple-to-read instructions for users to follow.
  • D.O. include warranty/guarantee details
  • If your product is covered by a warranty or offers a money-back assurance, include information about what customers can claim claims.
  • Remember that Amazon provides 100percent customer satisfaction. So, you can benefit from their excellent customer service.
  • D.O. solicit an evaluation (neutrally)
  • It’s acceptable to request reviews with an insert for a product, so the guidelines do it. Ensure that the review request you submit is not bias and that your customer is aware that any experience, positive or negative, is worthy of an online review on Amazon.
  • Do include links to social media or brand names.
  • Amazon lets you add information on your pages that are not Amazon-own. This includes your social media profiles and blogs, and email list.

Please read the “don’ts” below:

  • Do not make use of manipulative language to gain reviews.
  • Informing your clients that they are “a small, family-owned company” or that they must “support products manufactured in America”. Then soliciting a review of your product can be consider manipulative in Amazon’s conditions of service.
  • Don’t pick your customers off the top to get reviews.
  • Asking customers, “if you’ve had a positive experience using this product, please let us know about it by writing reviews of the product” in your insert is a big no-no. Also, stating “if there’s a reason we can’t provide five stars, please contact us” is against the law.
  • Amazon is adamant that these kinds of insert-copy result from cherry-picking that violates the product review conditions of service.

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How to design packaging inserts?

How you design the Amazon product packaging depends on your preferences and your level of experience.

If you’re comfortable with professional design software such as Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, you can undoubtedly design your own Amazon packaging for your product.

You can also design yourself Amazon item packaging and inserts with more minor programs like Canva.

If you’re not confident in the design expertise or want assistance, you should consider hiring an expert. You can locate many freelancing Amazon products packaging experts who will design appropriate packaging for your product.

packaging inserts

Amazon FBA Sellers

Amazon sellers that use “Fulfillment by Amazon” or FBA get their goods deliver directly from the sources to Amazon’s warehouses and then to the customers directly from Amazon’s warehouses.

To incorporate custom-designed product packaging, sellers must transfer the packaging design to suppliers. The supplier is then accountable for including the design on the products’ packaging and the insert.

We suggest that you purchase an example or a copy of your final product with your packaging to test it to make sure it’s exactly how you want it to be.

Amazon Product Packaging is everything!

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