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The Incredible Benefits of Sea Buckthorn Oil for Your Skin

Sea buckthorn Oil is one among our absolute favorite ingredients here at Apoterra, so you’ll bet you’ll find it in our products. When it involves skincare ingredients, we’re always trying to find subsequent big skin breakthrough, but you won’t got to look any longer once you’ve discovered sea buckthorn oil capsules.


This small, but mighty berry packs a hefty clock in terms of nutrient content and is loved by all skin types from oily to dry.


Keep reading to find out more about sea buckthorn oil and why you would like to feature it into your skin care regime today!




Good question!


While the name may fool you into thinking this one springs from the deep blue (it’s also referred to as sea berry or seaberry!), it’s actually alittle berry grown on a shrub found in coastal and mountainous regions of Asia and Europe.


Records of medicinal uses of sea buckthorn oil return many centuries. Not only is it mentioned in ancient Tibetan texts, but also in Ancient Greek Mythology, also because the Indian pharmacology and early Chinese formularies.


There are two sorts of sea buckthorn oil which will be extracted from the shrub, namely fruit oil and seed oil. The fruit sea buckthorn oil springs from the fleshy pulp of the berries, while the seed oil is extracted from the tiny dark seeds of the tiny nutrient rich orange-yellow berries that grow on the shrub.


Sea buckthorn fruit oil may be a red or orange-red color, with more of a viscous texture, whereas the seed oil is paler yellow or orange in color and more fluid. Both offer an array of fantastic skin benefits.


Sea buckthorn seed oil contains omega 3 and 6 in an almost perfect ratio along side omega 9 and is best fitted to dry and mature skin. The fruit oil, on the opposite hand, contains omega 6 and therefore the highly wanted omega 7, brilliant for aiding in skin repair and regeneration, making this oil ideal for problem skin. It’s fast absorbing and can help to appease inflammation and reduce redness.


We use the fruit oil in our clarifying facial oil for acneic skin and in our regenerative face balm to deal with redness, dryness and aging concerns. You’ll notice this immediately by the colourful red-orange hue of our products that contain sea buckthorn oil.


Of course, because sea buckthorn is an all natural berry, it are often consume d also . The juice that’s m a d e up of these berries is nice. And delicious and can help to heal your body from the within out. Inflammation is that the root explanation for disease, so it’s vital to seek out ways to naturally fight inflammation internally. Sea buckthorn has excellent anti-inflammatory properties to scale back internal inflammation. And its potent array of antioxidants and nutrients will help to scale back the danger of disease by fighting off free radicals.


Of course, there are other ways to enjoy this nutrient dense ingredient and this smoothie bowl may be our favorite!




Be prepare d to be blown away, because this small. But mighty berry means business when it involves nutrient content.


Sea buckthorn oil contains a fantastic 190 nutrients and phytonutrients. In fact, its vitamin C concentrations are 12 times above that of an orange – who knew! If you aren’t aware, vitamin C is really mentioned because the “beauty vitamin”. Because of its ability to scale back inflammation within the skin, boost collagen for plumper, firmer skin. Also as brighten like nobody’s business!


Fatty acids also are absolutely fantastic for healthy, clear and glowing skin. And sea buckthorn is jam-packe d in omega 3, 6 and 9. It’s also the sole plant source on the earth that contains the elusive omega 7. Fatty acids not only promote a stunning , radiant glow, their anti-inflammatory effects are unrivaled.


Sea buckthorn oil also contains vitamins B1, B2, K, C, A, and E, folic acid, an array of powerful antioxidants and minerals.


Together these powerful nutrients and fatty acids work together to rework the skin.


Our certified organic sea buckthorn oil is extracte d from the fruit of the berries. Through a process called CO2 Super Critical Extraction, that ensures all nutrients stay intact!




Ditch those chemically-laden acne products once and for all and let nature heal your skin!


Acne may be a results of inflammation within the skin and since one among the foremost well-known effects of sea buckthorn is its ability to drastically reduce inflammation, you’ll make certain you’ll be on your thanks to that clear skin of your dreams once you start applying it topically.


Sea buckthorn oil is superb for reducing acne breakouts. Because it signals the oil glands to prevent creating excess amounts of sebum.


Sea buckthorn will reduce inflammation within the skin, prevent future flare ups. Help to fade scars and promote an overall more even and smoother skin texture. Unlike conventional acne products, sea buckthorn will begin to heal your blemishes without ever drying out your skin. What you’ll not realize, is that those conventional. And harsh products that dry out your skin actually increase your risk of breakouts. Drying out your skin has two negative effects. First is creates a poor environment for your healthy skin bacteria, resulting in an unbalanced skin microbiome (aka more breakouts). Second, drying out the skin prompts your skin to undertake to catch up on the shortage of oil often by creating more oil, which may then cause breakouts. . . then the cycle continues.


If you’re trying to find a long-term fix for your breakouts then sea buckthorn oil is simply what your skin has been expecting . Find certified organic, CO2 Super Critical Extraction sea berry oil in our Clarifying Facial Oil.




Don’t dismiss sea buckthorn oil if your skin tends more toward the dry side!


Sea Buckthorn oil is simply as renowned for its anti-aging benefits because it is for its skin healing benefits. Sea buckthorn repairs oxidative damage and has wonderful anti-aging properties. It hydrates the skin and promotes the formation of collagen, a structural protein essential for youthful skin. The anti-aging benefits of collagen are endless, from helping to plump the skin. And stop sagging to smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles.


With regular use of topically applied sea buckthorn oil, not only will you notice clearer and brighter skin. You’ll see a discount in fine lines too, a plumper complexion and a smoother, more refined skin texture.

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Now that you’ve read the advantages, subsequent step would be to undertake it for yourself. And let the results represent themselves!


You can find this wonder ingredient in our Night Clarifying Treatment. Which also includes beautifully soothing and calming chamomile. Also as in our Night Regenerative Balm, full of antioxidants which will make sure you awaken with a glowing complexion!


No matter what your skin type, you’ll enjoy this incredible ingredient in Sea Buckthorn Oil Capsules. Use it on a day to day and watch the gorgeous changes that happen in your skin!

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