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The Best Way to Transport Your Bike

Bike transport by train or bike transport by reliable packers and movers, which one is the best way to transport your bike? People always get confused with whether to transport the bike through train or they should hire a bike transport company for this.

Well, you can use Railway for bike transportation but there are cons to doing this. Yes, you may think transporting a bike via train is the cheapest way, but it’s not easy though. Several things are needed to be taken into consideration.

If you want to know which model is the best to transport your two-wheeler then read this article till the end. We will help you to know whether you should transport your bike through Rail or Road, which one is the cheapest and best way for transporting your bike from one city to another.

Apart from railway and bike transporters, there are other transport modes available as well. Via air, motorcycle hitch carrier, and bus are the other bike transportation mediums.

If you are thinking of transporting your bike via train then you will have to do the following things:-

Bike Transportation by Train

There’re particularly two types of modes to transport a motorcycle from a train:-

  • As a luggage
  • As a parcel

luggage means you are traveling on the same train through which your bike is being transported. Also, you will have to pay extra for the luggage.

As parcel means you are only transporting your bike through a train and will receive it at the destination.

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Bike transportation by train charges

Bike transportation charges via train depend on the size of your bike and also the distance to be covered. Though it’s the cheapest way to transport your bike, you should check the charges on the official website of the railway. This will help you to know how much exactly you will be charged for this. Apart from the transportation cost, you will have to add the packing charges if you will hire a potter or packer to pack your bike, which will cost around Rs. 300 – Rs. 400.

Bike Transportation by Air

If you are transporting your bike to another country or an extremely long-distance place then the easiest and fastest way to transport your bike is by air. You cannot travel on the same flight with your luggage but you can ship this as cargo to an air freight company. They will safely pack and transport your bike by air. You can receive the bike at the destination country. But, you will need a customs officer to help you with all the paperwork required in the destination country and also to make sure it’s legal to run your motorcycle in the arrived nation.

Bike transportation by air charges

As this is the fastest medium to transport the bike nationwide and worldwide hence, the charges will be extremely higher. This could cost you around 30k- 40k. Contact the air freight company to know the exact cost.

Bike Transportation by Bus

If you are moving to a shorter distance of approx. 800 km then you can opt for bike transportation by bus. There are many bus operators or service providers that transport bikes by loading them onto the luggage compartment section. If you want you can pack your bike and if not then also not to worry as your bike will be surrounded by luggage bags. The cost varies from company to company depending on the size of your vehicle and distance.

Bike Transportation by Packers and Movers

This is one of the easiest and safest ways to transport your bike from one city to another or other countries. They have a team of proficient employees who will pack and transport your bike safely and promptly. Bike transport companies in India have all the required tools and equipment that are used to pack, move, lift, load, and unload the bike. Also, they have enclosed and open trucks to transport bikes.

Enclosed trucks safeguard your bike during transportation, but this is an expensive medium. Open trucks are the cheapest medium of bike transportation, but not the safest medium if you are moving your bike to a long-distance place of more than 500Km.

Bike transportation service charges

Packers and mover charges for bike transportation service depend on the size of the bike, transportation mode – open or closed, and distance to be covered. For up 1000 Km the approx. bike transportation charges are Rs. 4,000 – 8,500.

If you need to know the Packers and Mover Charges in Chennai then visit our site Moving Solutions and get full details of service and charges

But, you must know about the taxes and GST rate that will be added later on by the moving company. Hence, the quoted price vary from the price on the final bill.

Always ask important questions to your movers to know the hidden charges they can impose. Ask about insurance, GST rate, and other taxes. Get a complete quotation from them which tells what the price includes.


Considering both time and expenses, we can say that hiring a bike transport company is the best way to transport your two-wheeler. So, find the best professional movers and packers that provide high-quality bike transportation services at affordable prices and move your bike hassle-freely.

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