Integration and Its Different Methods to Do

Learn What is the integration in calculus. Also learn what are the different methods to solve integral problems.

integration & its principles are not as easy and clear as the rules for differentiation. The reason for this is that there are many possible ways to express a function. As a result, the key to successful integration is the identification of an integrative technique to integrate the function.
Yet, in the article below are explained 4 different types of integration techniques that help you with your calculus problems.

Integration by Substitution

Integration by substitution is the most essential integration technique and is first applied to any integration problem.
When the derivative of a component of the integrand already exists in the integrand, this technique is the most appropriate to apply. Finding the most complex part of the function that involves x as the variable is the key to,
determining the integration by substitution and is the most effective approach.  Afterwards, focus on the section of the integrand that surrounds x, and compute the derivative of this integration’s part.
As a result, substitution tell when the result exists elsewhere in the integrand.  It is appropriate to use the substitution technique when the integrand can factor into something that has a “inner function” u as well as
something that is more or less the derivative of u even if the constant coefficients do not exactly coincide, this is acceptableIntegration by Parts Sometimes we have to solve an integration that is the result of the product of two functions.
Through the use of Integration by Parts, we may be able to integrate such products of two functions. Integration by parts technique is the inverse of the product rule of differentiation.  When we are unable to use the integration by substitution technique, this method should use instead.
We have to seek an integral that composed of functions that appear to unconnect to one another in this technique.  Unless we observe the derivative of a part of the integrand already present in the integrand,
we seek for algebraic or transcendental or trig functions, or even the combination of these functions, in the integrating function.

Integration by Partial Fractions

When we have to integrate the rational function in mathematics,
the technique of integration by partial fractions is the method that employe most often. There is no easier technique to solve the complicated rational expressions in integration. 
So, to avoid this complexity,
partial fractions technique can use which simplifies the rational expressions into simpler partial fractions.
A rational algebraic function or a rational function of x is a function in the form of P(x)/Q(x), where P(x) and Q(x) are both polynomials
Generally, the integration of the rational function on the left-hand side achieve by
integrating the two integrable fractions on the right-hand side.
Moreover, as long as the degree of P(x) (numerator) is greater than the degree of Q(x) (denominator), we may lower the degree of the numerator by dividing P(x) by Q(x).
Thus, when you’re asked to check a rational function that has a smaller degree in the numerator than it does in the denominator,
you should use the partial fractions approach to simplify the problem. And when the expression has a denominator that could factor out into several different linear factors.

By Trigonometric Substitution

Whenever we have trigonometric functions or ab problem in the form of completing squares,
the trigonometric substitution technique use.
Generally, there are two further divisions of trig integrals. The first case employs the functions in the form of a2 – x2 while the other case employs the function a2 + x2. The most important elements are the sum or difference of two perfect squares, which are generally represented by a square root symbol.
Yet, trigonometric substitutions should regard as,
techniques that can be quite beneficial in the solution of a wide range of integral equations. This technique can use to a range of integrals to be effective in solving them.
Sometimes the underlying reason for the need for,
a trigonometric substitution is due to the fact that the function is best represented in a different coordinate system Cartesian and Rectangular coordinates are the types of coordinates most often required to solve.
Polar Coordinates, so, are also quite significant in a variety of situations and given in integration problems to solve.
Some Other Methods for solving Integrals:
Some methods of integration that are important in integrals solving are as follows:
  • Shell Method Integration
  • Disc Method Integration
Now we will discuss both types below to get more from it.

Shell Method:

when integrating along an axis perpendicular to the axis of revolution. The method for calculating the volume of a solid of revolution is Shell Method Integration.

Disc Method:

It is a method for calculating the volume of a solid of revolution of a solid-state material when integrating along an axis “parallel” to the axis of revolution. They can be tricky or different from other methods. You can use the Shell Method calculator and Disc Method Calculator.
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