Play Fantasy Cricket to win big

Fantasy cricket is all about making your own virtual team from the real life players. It has gained momentum in the recent years and now it is enjoyed by millions of people. Cricket is celebrated in a country like India and people are really obsessed with the sport. There is nothing like the excitement of playing and watching cricket in India. So, why not make your own team and start your own playing journey. Try to make it to the next level with your big winnings. Play on the fantasy cricket app for your huge winnings daily! 

What is fantasy cricket?

If you are new to the fantasy world then here is your small guide to go through! You have to download the fantasy app in your smartphone and then play some of the tournaments or leagues that you like. It is wholly up to you whether you want to play practice matches or the cash leagues on the fantasy cricket app. It is suggested that if you are new to the game then start with the practice matches only because if you can win money then you can lose it as well in the fantasy cricket app. So, have a kick start with the practice matches only and then come on to the cash leagues. 

There are many enticing and innovative fantasy apps that can really fascinate you, but always go with the trustworthy and a reliable app! 

Play on the Fantasy Dangal app and make some of your biggest winnings with the fantasy sports. It has crafted out some of the best features and formats for the users to have the fun! Play the regular formats of cricket in T20, ODI and test matches. You can make your huge winnings with your own skills. 

Play Fantasy cricket & win daily cash prizes on Fantasy Dangal app

If you are looking for one amazing fantasy cricket app then Fantasy Dangal is the best platform for you all! You will find some of the most amazing features and benefits from the app. Run your own team and watch them perform for your big winnings. Earn some big bragging rights with your friends and colleagues as well. You can refer your friends for your big bonus deals as well. So, why not have fun with everyone? Make your start to the fantasy journey now! 

The game is not about luck anymore! It does not come in the gambling category because now the Honourable Supreme Court of India has announced and declared very well that these games come under the category of “Skill games” and they require proper talent and skills to win the game. You need to have a proper analysis and skills to portray your talent. So, don’t you just think that you can win the game by luck! 

Have some prior experience with the practice matches and then come to play cash leagues on the fantasy app. Play now on the Fantasy Dangal app and win big with the same. 

How to start the games on the Fantasy app?

Here are the steps to get started with the Fantasy Dangal app! Just have a look and get going with your suitable match. 

  • Open the Fantasy Dangal app. 
  • Select the match from the various categories, be sure about playing the practice match or the cash league. Also see which kind of format you want to play. 
  • Make your virtual team of 11 players that should include 1-4 wicketkeepers, 3-6 batsmen, 1-4 all rounders and 3-6 bowlers. 
  • You should choose your captain and vice-captain smartly so that they can fetch some extra points for you. 
  • Join different matches and contests on the app. 
  • Check your score after the completion of the match. 

Here it is! Now, you have the great chance to make your team and start the game with the app. Don’t miss the amazing chance to have your own winnings.  

How to create your fantasy cricket team?

You should have some accurate knowledge and skills for the fantasy cricket game and also making your team. Use your skills and knowledge to make a good virtual cricket team. You should be having a good analysis power, great observation and cognitive skills to have a good team and great performance. 

You have to choose your 11 players for the team. Choose the type of match that you want to play. Then when you start choosing the players for your team, you have to always keep in mind that the team should have a wicket-keeper (1-4), batsmen (3-6) and also all-rounders in your team. 

There are credit points scored against every player in the team. You only have a total of 100 credit points, so you have to choose your team wisely. Don’t waste your credit points on any unwanted player. Also, just don’t go for your favorite players every time because they might not be in their best form and can result in worst for your team. So, see how the performance of every player is going on and then choose them into your team. 


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