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The chess game is tricky but undoubtedly one of the most interesting and suspenseful games you would play. It is a board game that has been played for many years now. The game is played between two players, and if you want to play chess online, you can play it against a computer if you don’t have another player opposite you. It is one of the strategic games played by children and adults. The game has also emerged on the online platform, and many people have shown their interest in the chess online game. 

So challenge your friends now in the chess online game, and also, you can win some real money prizes and other rewards as well from the money earning games in India. Isn’t this game much more fun now?


The modified version of the board game has been seen on the online platform now. There is much more excitement in the game when you play it online. There is money included, some different moves, and the time limit to make it much more interesting than usual. No doubt you would enjoy the game because it includes many modifications which are new to the game. 


One player gets 16 pieces, and in total, there are 32 for the two players. They are divided equally to start the game. The players have limited time to make their moves and have a chance to win the money for themselves. You need to think before you make a move because don’t forget, it’s the tricky one, you guys! 


Online chess is also very similar to the traditional board game of chess. Both the players have to show their strategies alternatively to win the game. So, you have to understand some basic rules to play games and earn money and other rewards from the game. 

So the rules are as follows. 

  • A piece is KING OR popularly known as RAJA.

The king or Raja is one of the very important tokens in the game. Also, the piece is said to be the weakest because its moves have been restricted to only one direction. But it can move in any direction, be it up, down, right or left. If any token is about to attack the king, the player would first say “CHECK”. 

  • A piece is a queen or known as RANI.

She is said to be the most powerful one in the game and she has the power to go any side in any direction. She can take as many steps as the player wants it to take. But there is a problem: if any token is in her way, she cannot move or cross that token. She has to wait then and there only for the other token to get aside. 

  • A piece is ROOK, Or known as HATHI.

This token can move only in a straight line and has some local moves only. But it also has some extreme power if the piece is used together. 

  • A piece is Bishop or popularly known as OONT.

This piece only can move in the diagonal position. Each of the bishop tokens has a start on a particular colour: white or black. Then they have to travel on that particular colour only in the game. 

  • A piece is Knight Or GHORA.

This token can only move in the “L shape” direction. L shape means two steps to be taken in the front direction, and then one step can be taken to the left or right direction. Only this token has the power to move past any other token. So this piece is unique in its way. 

  • Now, there are pawns or popularly known as PYADA.

These pieces are the ones that start the game. They move one step in the moving direction and can capture the enemy in the diagonal position only. They don’t have the power to move in the backwards direction. 


  • Always choose the match or contest wisely which you want to play. It would help if you did not directly indulge in the cash leagues; it can cause loss to you.
  • Always plan a strategy for yourself to make your moves in the game. 
  • You don’t have to sacrifice any of the pawns at the start of the match that could show the losing direction of your game. 
  • Always think twice before making any move in the game. 
  • It would be best if you always believed in attacking rather than defending in the game.


So these are some of the tips and tricks involved in the chess online game. You have to make your move and have some great rewards for the game and can start playing the cash leagues to make yourself more indulged in the game. You can have access to many online platforms to play chess online games.


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