OgyMogy Best Computer Monitoring Software of 2021

Search about the best computer monitoring software and you will find hundreds of users in the line to find out about it. There are many reviews, queries and a complicated question asked by employers, parents, and any other computer user who are in search of the best computer software.

With increased competition and so much saturation in the market, it is a difficult step to choose the one that offers the best services.

They offer different price range, features and more importantly some are single platform based which make it difficult for a common user to choose one.

There is no denial in accepting the fact that computers are everywhere. Either you are just a student, an employee at a school, hospital, bank, or any other profession, internet, and computer services are needed almost everywhere.

Things have become more digitalize and thus there is no avoidance of smart gadgets. It is part of the cycle to be prepared to deal with any problem or issue regarding computer usage in any field.

We are here to share the top five computer monitoring software of 2021.

5)Employee Desktop Live Viewer:

As the name suggests it is an employee monitoring tool. It is just like a surveillance camera that keeps the record of all the screen activities of the employee computer for the boss.

The tool can be used to know about any troubling software installment on the employee desktop or to track any illegal activity of the employees. It can also be used for laptops and employees working from home. But there are some major drawbacks of this app.

Although they offer a free trial period it is only fully functional for 15 days. Moreover, most importantly there is no cloud space to keep the recorded videos saved online.


It is another computer monitoring tool that can be used to have a remote eye on the target computer system. It keeps the record of productive and unproductive hours of the target gadget, saves the screenshots of the activities, and also offers live screen updates as well to the user.

ActivTrak is also mostly used as an employee monitoring tool that you can check the daily, weekly, or monthly productivity level of the employees with the help of the app.

However, it has got a complicated interface and demands a high process which is not friendly for small businesses or organizations. Most importantly it does not keep the records of the target keystrokes.


It is not just a computer monitoring software but also offers services for mobile monitoring as well.

It can be used for multiple purposes but if you are searching for an app that mainly focuses on computer monitoring but also work for android or cellphone then this one is not for you.

As it offers more reliable services for cell phone monitoring.


It is another monitoring tool that offers screen activities recordings, skype monitoring, and many other features. It saves the screen activities of the target in the form of screenshots and short videos.

The app offers many other useful features as well like website monitoring, keystroke logging, and more. But some users have complaints about unannounced crashes and automatic disconnection that then need manual intervention.


OgyMogy is a parental and employee monitoring computer monitoring software that offers tons of useful features. You can use it in your small business or any big organization or can simply install it on your teen’s laptop or desktop to know about their activities.

All you need to do is install the app when you have physical access to the gadget.

An important thing to mention here is that it is legal to only monitor the employee through the company-owned device.

Different features offered by the app include screen recording with timestamp information, reports about web usage, and bookmark access keylogging feature to keep the records of every keystroke applied, software usage, and many more.

It is not just a simple computer monitoring software as it offers a different version for android, mac, and Windows users.

Another thing about this app that differentiates it from the other apps is that they offer monthly, seasonal and yearly packages but uniformly offer all the advanced features as well.

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