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Moviesrush | what is my opinion about The Meg movie

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The Meg is one of the most entertaining and certainly one of the safest and shallowest copies of Jaws, managing to avoid expectations by entering unexpected and unfamiliar waters You can check the moviesrush and search for your favorite movies of all time. Go and explore the ocean of entertainment on the website. But deliberately avoiding some things that might be useful along the way.

End of the first act

This CGI monster film festival tries to be “Spielbergian” at the start and not show sharks. We first see it at the end of the first act. And I think this film proves that, although Steven himself accidentally became the “Spielberg” for the boisterous Bruce, he is not the only variable in the film that creates masterful tension. Both films begin with the main shark causing death that the protagonist knows about.

The second is more effective in creating a tone of fear

Meg loses her balance when she moves on to other characters who are unaware of the potential danger. We know they are in danger, but they are not – and I think that is important to create tension for the audience. There’s also a moment in the plot where the main character (Jason Statham) is trying to tell the others that there’s something there but is portrayed as crazy. Compare this to Chief Brodie, who is insecure and worried and trying to keep his town safe without stepping on his toes. One of the other is more effective in creating a tone of fear.

Dashing billionaire Ryan Wilson

Meg still doesn’t deserve the attention of the characters at all. Jon has problems, but they’re mostly problems that his peers perceive as such, no real flaws. But he still has to prove himself. I wanted something to happen between him and the supporting character Su Qing (Bingbing Li), who has a sweet and vivacious daughter who immediately and effortlessly gives him charm, humor, and confidence. Best of all, however, was the dashing billionaire Rainn Wilson, who funds a struggling deep-sea research center. And Wilson, the mayor of the city, gave an unnecessarily good and polished performance.

The film focuses on two unidentified monsters

There is a parallel scene in the middle of the film with the shark-hunting finale, which shows the shark being tagged, jumping, and poisoned, and it ends with the death of the shark, but not the actual death of the shark. As with Shark, this relief is only temporary, but I wonder why it was included in the film, as it divides the film’s attention between two indistinguishable monsters and one villain. One is bigger, yes, but both die, so….. they are both big. There is not much difference between a 50-meter giant shark and a 100-meter giant shark if it is underwater, hard to see, and made of computer pixels.

The characters are still the same

That is why things never get personal unless there is an obvious cause for concern. As this is intended to be a simpler action film, it does not have the gruesome murders of. The Boy Who Wanted to Swim and The Dog, but for some reason, the characters are still similar. Meg takes on a few side characters, but the choice seems arbitrary. The film is fast-paced. Memorable scenes include the shark cage, the beach (where Meg pulls floating piers instead of yellow buoys), and the comically exaggerated ending scene. And Jonah was swimming with the shark to get it, which was funny and probably the most exciting scene in the film.

The best I can say about it is that it is soft entertainment

These moments were exactly what you would expect from a Jason Statham film about a giant shark. However, these moments are surprisingly few, and what replaces them is not worth the sacrifice. Too much time is spent on character subplots that go nowhere and attempt to build tension that fails five times in a row. The best I can say about it is that bland entertainment works. When it’s there for those who want to go underwater in the manner of Fast and Furious. I do.

The film has been trying to do this for a long time

And the Jaws references are impressively serious, even if it avoids copying anything from Jaws, which would give them the seriousness they need. You can check the moviesverse and search for your favorite movies of all time. Go and explore the ocean of entertainment on the website. Does Jason Statham’s Fast and Furious need an underwater Fast and Furious movie with prehistoric sharks to have seriousness? I think not. But the movie tries to do that for far too long, which has. The same result as sprinkling a few snippets here and there between the action shots. If they wanted to have a character, there would be easier and more effective ways to do it.

The film manages to entertain as well as inform

All they manage to do is detail phenomena that are easy to see. But not very compelling, and compelling character is where you build character development in a story. The film knows what it is: a big blockbuster about a shark that could have been a hit. But falls flat, trading longevity for mass appeal and safety. It’s only so frustrating because they knew exactly what they were doing and did it anyway.

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