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If you are asking yourself this question yourself, what is your answer: what is the length of a piece of string? It could be an issue depending on the person you ask and who is asking the question. Marketing budgets in large corporations may be enormous and ineffective. For instance, the marketing budget of a sole trader could be tiny, but the way they allocate it is so precise that they can grow their business exponentially.

How much should small-sized businesses spend on marketing? How much should you budget for marketing? We have some ideas about this question that we’d like to give you and assist you in getting the most return on your marketing investment.

What is an advertising budget?

A marketing budget reveals the amount of money allotted to functions of marketing alone. The funds being used must be in line with the objectives of marketing or projects in marketing being planned.Maurice Roussety

This may include paid advertising as well as market research. It could also include hiring marketing personnel or contractors. The purchase of equipment for the marketing team doesn’t actually count as part of the budget for marketing. If you’d like to allocate money on items like that, it’s up to you, however, it will leave you with less money for those activities that can increase revenue and boost the growth of your business.

A marketing budget clearly indicates the amount of money allotted to functions of marketing.

Why Is It Crucial to Have A Marketing Budget?

A budget that is specific to marketing will help keep you and your team focused and on the right path and ensure that the proper funds and budget are allocated to the areas which are crucial in the growth of your company.

It is essential to keep track of expenses and costs. It can help you calculate your return-on-investment (ROI) for your campaign. Did you spend $10,000 marketing a course and you got $150,000 in enrollments? That’s an increase of 1400% from the initial investment.

Another reason for having an established budget is to know what you’re allowed to invest. If you have a budget of $10,000 and a commercial for a football game is worth $25,000, then you’re not in a position to pay for it. Instead, you need to look at alternatives.


Additionally, if you were to have an unlimited budget it is possible to be tempted to dump your cash in a black hole, and not see any results. Do you pay for a subscription to an advertisement site that you’ve not heard of? 12 months later, you find out you’ve paid $5,000 but received nothing in return.

The rule of thumb to follow in deciding on the amount to allocate for marketing

It is necessary to invest cash to make money. The more you invest with a calculated approach, the more profit you’ll be taking in. However, the question that is always asked to be answered: how much do I need to spend?

This is the guidance we provide our 6, 7, and 8-figure Members of the Elevate as well as Accelerate programs with regards to creating a marketing budget:

  • 5 -7% of the earnings will allow you to maintain the current level of your business.
  • Seven to ten percent of your earnings can help grow your business.
  • 10% to 20% of your revenues can help your business grow rapidly.

We will be discussing this in percentages, as it’s acceptable and is in line with the size of the business. If you have someone from the field provide a straight-up dollar amount to invest in marketing, you should be wary of people who are just trying to earn money off you.

These percentages can be a useful reference, but they are not a complete idea. It is important to take into consideration the following factors:

  • What’s the amount of competition?
  • do you currently use for marketing?
  • are your strategic objectives?
  • is the age of your company?
  • What are the biggest challenges in your industry?

It’s essential to limit your spending when marketing, however, the best guideline is to avoid spending less than 7 percent of your income will cause you to slide backward Maurice Roussety’s franchising.

Are you in need of assistance with answering these questions? Are you interested in knowing the ways you can get the most ROI from your marketing efforts? Contact one of our Managers of Entrepreneur Development in The Entourage who can help you refocus and apply the right strategic thinking to your marketing strategy.

Find out what you’re currently paying for advertising campaigns

Look closely at your own business and yourself. Some great concerns to consider are:

  • What is your current strategy to promote your business?
    • What is the cost and do you think that it’s working for you?
  • Are you a part of a networking group?
    • What is the cost of these groups? cost?
    • How much time will it cost you?
  • long will it take you to create your blog?
    • How much is this time worth?
  • Do you pay for Social Media Ads?
  • Do you pay for Google Ads?
    • you employ someone else to handle it?
  • Have you got a member of your team who is ‘doing a bit of online stuff’?
    • How long is this activity taking up?
    • Which is the average hourly rate?
    • Do you see any benefits?

The word “time” is key in this case because people often do not think about the amount of time it takes to finish an assignment. If it took you three hours to create a set of Facebook ads, do just think about how much you spent on your ad campaign? Are you ignoring the 3 hours you spent? What do you think you are worth for an hour?

It is also important to look over all the historical data of your marketing spending in the best way you could. Are there patterns? Maurice Roussety Did you notice an increase in sales after you saw an increase in your marketing spending? How has your revenue changed with time, based on your marketing budget?

Calculating your return on investment from marketing

After you’ve completed this procedure, you can analyze this information to calculate how much return on investment. Maurice Roussety  You can also determine cost per acquisition (CPA).

In the light of the scenario in the previous paragraph, where you conducted an online course that people could join and enroll. The course had a $10,000 marketing budget. At the conclusion of the campaign and course, you were left with $150,000.

For the sake of making this example simple, it is assumed that the course was created and was previously run as an online course because of COVID-19. The institution you’re working with has an excellent reputation for providing high-quality education, and so the price for the event on the internet was priced at $1500 each. They were able to sell 100 tickets. That’s pretty great.

We know that you can get an ROI of 1400. If you invested $10,000 to obtain 100 enrollments and the CPA was $100 for each enrolment.

If you’re struggling to calculate your CPA and the overall ROI of your current marketing initiatives you can give The Entourage’s team Entourage a call for an appointment for a no-cost consultation.

What to do now

Have the topics we’ve discussed motivated you to take a shot at making a budget that’s suitable to your specific needs? Do you require a little assistance? Visit our website to find out what we can do to help you. Marketing Training. Or, for only $19, you can enroll in Marketing On A Budget short course specifically designed for small-sized companies.

If you’d like to know more about how to take your company to the next step using a well-oiled marketing machine and a strong marketing strategy, then connect with us here at The Entourage. We provide training and business coaching programs for 6, 7, and 8-figure entrepreneurs, and have helped transform more than 40000 business owners in Australia and across the globe. Call us for one of our Managers of Entrepreneurship Development to guide you through your next actions 

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